Is House of the Dragon on Netflix?

It’s finally time to delve into one of the stories of the Targaryen dynasty. House of the Dragon premieres tonight, but is it on Netflix?

Throughout Game of Thrones, we heard all about the Targaryen dynasty. It was clear there were interesting stories, but it wasn’t until after the series aired that we got to read about them. George R.R. Martin brought us Fire & Blood.

This book is more like stories from the masters, covering the reigns throughout the 300 years of the dynasty in brief moments in time. House of the Dragon is a chance to delve deeper into those stories, and we start with the civil war.

You’ll want to watch this 10-episode series. The question is where will it stream? Will you be able to watch House of the Dragon on Netflix?

House of the Dragon is not coming to Netflix

There is some disappointing news. This is not a series that will come to Netflix. Never say “never,” but it’s highly unlikely that the series will ever hit the streaming platform.

Like Game of Thrones, the prequel series is a HBO show. It will air weekly on HBO (the channel and the app). Fans will also be able to watch the show on HBO Max, which has become standard for HBO shows.

The only way Netflix will get the series is if HBO decides to license it to the streamer. Sure, we’re seeing some HBO Max shows leave that streamer, but there are no signs that will happen with originals on the OG HBO app. It’s highly unlikely the popular shows will ever leave, and there’s no reason for HBO to share its big original content. Like Game of Thrones fans aren’t immediately jumping into this story.

We’ve not seen GoT head to Netflix yet, and that’s sure to happen before HotD heads there.

House of the Dragon airs on HBO and HBO Max on Sundays.

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