Is Zombies' Seabrook a Real High School?

Disney+’s musical film series ‘Zombies’ revolves around the students of Seabrook High, where humans and zombies attend together. The school also witnesses the endearing relationship of Addison and Zed bloom despite her and him being human and zombie respectively. When the two groups initially fail to tolerate one another in the town of Seabrook, the students of Seabrook High show their communities how to co-exist. In the third film of the franchise, titled ‘Zombies 3,’ Seabrook High plays a significant part in the narrative as the institution welcomes a group of aliens. If you are intrigued about the school, let us share whether it has any real-life connections!

Is Seabrook a Real High School?

No, Seabrook is not a real high school. The school is conceived and developed by the writers of the ‘Zombies’ film series exclusively for the films. Even though Seabrook High is primarily a physical establishment, it serves as the metaphorical bridge between humans and zombies as the students start to co-exist. Within the walls of the school, Addison and Zed share love irrespective of what they are. The humans even start to cheer for Zed as he becomes the new star of the school’s football team. Eliza, on the other hand, gets admired for her technical skills. Seabrook High gives zombies and humans opportunities to stand by the other group.

Seabrook High also represents acceptance to the people who live in the namesake town. When the werewolves become a significant part of life in Seabrook, the high school opened its door to the group so that they will not be alienated in society as well. Wyatt and Willa, among other werewolves, start a new chapter of their lives by becoming students of the school. They form admirable friendships with humans like Addison and Bree and zombies like Zed. Wyatt, despite being a werewolf, even expresses his feelings for a fellow schoolmate and zombie named Eliza. In Seabrook High, students accept each other and form relationships without worrying over which group they belong to.

In ‘Zombies 3,’ the high school opens its doors to three aliens named A-Lan, A-Spen, and A-Li, who stays in Seabrook to find the map that can lead them to a habitable planet. Even though we may not see a school attended by humans, zombies, werewolves, and aliens together in real life, Seabrook High teaches us the value and significance of harmony as these varied groups celebrate life and togetherness irrespective of their origin. They not only care for each other but also extend their support to one another in need, making Seabrook an ideal high school.

Image Credit: John Medland/Disney

In ‘Zombies 3,’ filming locations in Toronto stand in for Seabrook High. Even though the school is fictional, the location choices of the film’s makers make it appear real and believable.

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