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Robin gets involved in a power mix-up during the events of Lazarus Planet, giving the Boy Wonder one of the most amazing Kryptonian powers.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Lazarus Planet: Omega #1!A magical mix-up has just granted Robin one of the best powers in any Kryptonian’s arsenal. Damian Wayne takes a page out of Superman’s book when he unintentionally takes an iconic power from the Man of Steel.

As a result of the laws of magic and science going haywire, Damian has received a powerful upgrade that may have turned him into his strongest self. In Lazarus Planet: Omega #1 by Mark Waid, Gene Luen Yang, Philip Tan, Billy Tan, Mike Perkins, and Riccardo Federici, Damian Wayne and his allies at the Hall of Justice are squaring off against King Fire Bull. Thankfully, they aren’t alone, as the Justice League’s heavy hitters arrive to lend a hand. However, King Fire Bull is able to manipulate the very power of the Lazarus Resin storms. The attack and King Fire Bull’s presence seems to have the unintended consequence of causing the heroes to swap powers. Superman is overwhelmed with telepathy, Flash gains superstrength, and Damian is suddenly able to utilize Superman’s heat vision.

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Robin Just Got Superman’s Heat Vision

Robin Gets Heat Vision DC Comics

Things have been rough for the troubled Boy Wonder as of late. After leaving Gotham to venture to Lazarus Island, Damian Wayne discovered the hidden threat of the Devil Nezha, and became an unwilling pawn in the demon’s game. Nezha used Damian to help him steal the powers of the DC Universe’s magic users in order to control the world. However, the Devil Nezha’s son, King Fire Bull, triggered an explosion on Lazarus Island that caused the entire world to be engulfed in a storm of Lazarus Resin. Damian has stepped up to the plate in leading a heroic resistance against these magical threats, but their plans have still resulted in major changes for heroes and villains across the world.

It’s not the first time Damian has possessed superpowers. After he was brought back from death using the Chaos Shard, Robin effectively gained Superman’s abilities, though his father removed them once Damian began to get sloppy with his crimefighting. This time, however, Damian has done a lot of growing, taking his heroic mission even more seriously after the death of his grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul, which prevented the villain’s last chance to seek redemption. Damian is also no longer under Batman’s command, meaning that this time, it won’t be up to the Dark Knight how his son handles his new abilities.

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Damian Wayne is by far one of the best fighters in the DC Universe. The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, Damian is skilled beyond his years. While heat vision has offensive purposes, Superman has often used it in the past to alter situations without alerting anyone to his presence, for example by rendering firearms inoperable or release hostages. This kind of use would be perfect for the ninja-like Robin, whose friendship with Jon Kent means he may also benefit from the way in which the former Superboy has reimagined his father’s powers – intuiting how to cause his heat beams to explode mid-air with grenade-like force. With a new sense of perspective and a commitment to non-lethal crimefighting, there’s never been a better time for Robin to gain such a versatile and powerful ability.

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