What is the Duke of Sussex's full name?

With the release of Harry and Meghan, one of Netflix’s most anticipated docuseries to date, the show has brought up a load of questions for Royal fans and casual viewers alike. And while the partially released six-part documentary answers several questions about the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the trials and tribulations of life in the public eye, and the pressures experienced by the British Royal Family, there are a few simple questions that still may be plaguing your mind.

Wondering what Harry’s full name is? Well, you’re not alone! According to Google Trends, one of the top searches for Prince Harry by internet users of late is to find out what his true given name is, and the answer may very well surprise you! So to save you the trouble of having to search for it yourself, we’ve got all the details here for you.

What is Prince Harry’s full name?

You might know him as Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, or just Harry, but did you know that the hunky Brit’s given name isn’t even Harry? Or that he doesn’t have an actual last name? Yep! We are not joking. According to Britannica, an encyclopedia for all things British, Harry’s actual full name is Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton, and Baron Kilkeel (formerly Prince Harry of Wales).

If you’re wondering why he doesn’t use his given name and goes by Harry instead, you’re not the only one; even the Prince himself isn’t quite sure where “Harry” came from. During a chat with winners of the WellChild Awards, when he was chitchatting with a young boy called Henry, the Prince revealed that his name was also Henry but joked that he doesn’t know why he doesn’t use it.

“My name is Henry as well,” Harry said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “But everyone calls me Harry. I have no idea why.”

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