Who is Darren Barnet dating? Never Have I Ever star's relationship status

When the Netflix original teen comedy series Never Have I Ever premiered on Netflix in 2020, many of its young cast members became breakout stars. Of course, the hunky Paxton Hall-Yoshida’s portrayer Darren Barnet become a breakout heartthrob.

Apart from appearing in episodes of Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T. and This Is Us (as young Jack), Darren Barnet arrived on the scene in Never Have I Ever as a fresh face, and he’s definitely one whose professional and personal endeavors you will want to keep up with.

Although Darren Barnet plays on teenager onscreen, he’s actually 31 years old in real life, which might make some viewers feel a little bit better about crushing on the Never Have I Ever star. But what about Barnet’s relationship status offscreen?

By the looks of it, Barnet’s single these days, but back in 2021, the star had an actress girlfriend, who he starred alongside in a hit Netflix original holiday movie.

Darren Barnet girlfriend 2022

While nothing has been confirmed by Barnet, he appears to have quietly broken up with actress Mikaela Hoover. The pair previously shared photos of each other on Instagram, but following the release of Love Hard, it seems as though the actors split.

In 2021, Darren Barnet dated the 38-year-old actress. Lately, Barnet’s Instagram posts have focused on his professional endeavors, including the latest season of Never Have I Ever.

Mikaela Hoover has appeared in episodes of popular television shows such as Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and Lucifer. She was in the Netflix rom-com Holidate and next appeared in The Suicide Squad and the Netflix romantic comedy Love Hard, which also starred Nina Dobrev and Barnet.

You can watch Darren Barnet back in action as Paxton in Never Have I Ever season 3 as Daxton finally sets sail. The actor isn’t dating any of his co-stars, but as the cast promotes season 3 and prepares for the release of the final season next year, it’s clear that they are all very close.

Check out Never Have I Ever season 3 only on Netflix.

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