Who plays young Max in the Stranger Things season 4 flashbacks?

It’s been several years since Stranger Things first debuted on Netflix and, as the internet loves to frequently point out, the cast has grown up a lot since the show first began. So when the creative team decided to incorporate some storylines involving flashback sequences this season, they had to get creative.

During the first part of the season, we revisit Eleven’s past through a string of flashbacks. While a younger actress was brought in to play the role of Eleven in these scenes, the production team used special effects to make young Eleven resemble Millie Bobby Brown.

Perhaps that why it was so surprising for fans to see the series take a different approach when introducing a younger version of Max in volume 2. Like with young Eleven, a younger actress was brought in to play young Max, but no CGI effects were used to bring young Max to life. As such, there seems to be some growing curiosity regarding the young actress behind the role.

Young Max Stranger Things season 4 actress

The role of young Max in Stranger Things season 4 was played by up-and-coming actress Belle Henry, who is relatively new to the acting game.

Prior to her appearance as young Max in the season 4 finale, Henry’s other acting credits include roles in The Falling World, Monday’s Child and Goodbye, Petrushka. Needless to say, Henry’s role in Stranger Things season 4 — as small as it might be in the grand scheme of the season — is by far her biggest project yet, though that’s likely to change.

Although Henry only appeared in a few scenes, she held her own against Millie Bobby Brown and we’re sure we’ll be seeing her around more!

Stranger Things season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.

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