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EntertainmentProposed Trade Sees Warriors Deal James Wiseman for Seth...

Proposed Trade Sees Warriors Deal James Wiseman for Seth Curry


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Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Seth Curry, now of the Brooklyn Nets.


Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Seth Curry, now of the Brooklyn Nets.

Financial issues haven’t been on the Golden State Warriors’ radar for years. Their ownership has been more than willing to pay their players over and over again in pursuit of championships, and it’s worked out beautifully. They’ve won four titles in eight seasons because of it.

But as they’ve accumulated more and more talent, paying all of their players will soon become impossible. Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole will be in need of contract extensions next summer and paying them all will be near impossible.

For Golden State of Mind, Brady Klopfer explored the potential options the Warriors will have next summer. The first two ideas he came up with were Joe Lacob suddenly becoming willing to pay half a million dollars or multiple players taking massive discounts. But the third idea, trading James Wiseman, he deemed the most likely.

“And the third is shedding James Wiseman’s contract, without taking salary back, and having some combination of those three take moderate discounts. Much more likely than the other two. Still quite unlikely,” Klopfer wrote.

While Klopfer did mention that this idea is also unlikely, the Warriors would probably rather lose Wiseman than one of Wiggins or Poole. So, what is a potential trade they could make that would help them dump salary?

Potential Wiseman Salary-Dump Trade

The idea of dumping Wiseman’s salary is to shed some salary ahead of next offseason, which is when Green, Thompson, Wiggins, and Poole will need extensions. If that’s the case, then Golden State could explore a true one-year rental at the deadline this year. 

If they decide that ditching Wiseman is the route they have to take, then trading him for someone on a one-year contract that could help them win this season could be something to seriously consider.

Here’s one trade idea that could work:

Warriors receive: Seth Curry, 2026 2nd-Round Pick

Pacers receive: Wiseman

Again, the point of this deal would be to shed salary, so Golden State wouldn’t be able to bring Curry back after this season. However, in terms of players that could help them contend for a title, Curry makes a ton of sense.

Why Both Teams Make This Trade

For the Warriors, this is all about dumping salary ahead of next summer. However, it would also be a super fun opportunity. Not only does Curry’s elite three-point shooting fit in with how the Warriors play, but he’d also get the chance to play with his brother.

On the flip side, this would be a great opportunity for the Brooklyn Nets to get some young talent on their roster. If they end up trading Kevin Durant and/or Kyrie Irving this offseason, then preparing for the future will be crucial. And trading a win-now veteran in Curry for Wiseman would be a perfect move for them to make.

Wiseman is an unproven prospect at this point. Brooklyn would absolutely be taking a chance on him. But in this hypothetical scenario, they would be getting a nice young prospect un exchange for a player they wouldn’t really need anymore, and the Warriors would be dumping salary while also adding some family ties to the roster, even if it is just for one season.

That sounds like a win-win move.

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