Score the original Apple AirPods for under $18 - a whopping 39% off a tried-and-true fan favorite

Need new headphones? Right now score the original Apple EarPods for under $18 – a whopping 39% off a tried-and-true fan favorite that won’t last long at this price

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Many are old enough to remember a time when Apple included headphones with its iPhones — but that all stopped in 2020. Today, if you want a set, you’ll need to purchase them separately.

Not only that, but you’ll need to snap up a set that has a Lightning connector, since Apple rendered the 3.5mm jack obsolete to better accommodate thinner iPhone silhouettes.

While you could run out and buy a pair of wireless AirPods, the good news for purists is that you can still snap up Apple EarPods with a lightning connector — and right now they’re marked down to just $17.68, a savings of 39% off the list price.

If you’re a purist who’s all about the original EarPods, you’re in luck — these are now marked down by 39% for a great savings off the original price.

Even if you already own a wireless pair, you can hang onto these as handy backups that will never let you down. 

The sound quality is incomparable, too, with many shoppers raving about the way every lyric, word, and note sounds so much clearer and crisper. 


After all, the world is filled with tech advancements galore. It’s nice to go back to basics sometimes, and there’s nothing that lives up to that quite as much as a pair of old-fashioned wired headphones.

Their sheer convenience more than contributes to their overall appeal. You don’t need to think about charging them. You don’t have to go without if they lose their juice. You don’t have to wonder what the heck you did with that little case.

There’s also the overwhelming faction who consider wired headphones superior for their epic sound quality. There’s little to no chance you’ll experience interference with your signal since the audio is delivered straight from the device itself. That’s unlike wireless models, whose signals are encoded and then transmitted.

The EarPods feature a slight oval shape that fits the natural contours of the ear more comfortably.

Never again worry about whether your headphones are charged or where that little case went.

Turn it up: The original Apple EarPods offer the benefit of exceptional sound quality, something you’ll notice with every call, song, and podcast.

Apple, of course, sets the standard with its products — and these headphones are no exception. The EarPods themselves have an atypical, slightly oval shape that lends itself more comfortably to the natural structure of your ear, a departure from traditional round silhouettes that don’t always feel so great.

With high-powered speakers that are designed to cut back on sound loss and deliver the highest quality audio possible, you can expect that your tunes, audiobooks, podcasts, and phone calls will sound clearer and crisper than ever before.

It’s one of the key reasons people continue to come back to the originals. One shopper stated, ‘The sound quality is amazing,’ while another enthusiastically claimed, ‘These do your music justice!’

Plus, there’s an easy-use control directly on the wire. Use it to change the volume, answer the phone and hang up, and even control your music.

If you’re a little bit of a trend-watcher, you might also know that there’s been a resurgence in wired headphones lately. They’re old-school in the best possible way, which means these EarPods make a little fashion statement of their own just by throwing back to yesteryear.

Ready to go: Your EarPods arrive smartly packaged and ready to use straight out of the box.

Ready to go: Your EarPods arrive smartly packaged and ready to use straight out of the box.

Some people just snap them up as backups — something they can toss in their backpack or purse or stow in a desk drawer when their wireless AirPods lose steam or they need a spare. Whatever your reason, you can’t beat this incredible deal.


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