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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Circle season 3 spoilers: Who was blocked and eliminated in episodes 5-8?

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another batch of new episodes from The Circle season 3 and boy did this week’s batch of episodes bring the drama… and a few new players vying for the grand prize.

Across the latest batch of episodes, new players rise to power giving them the chance to make some bold game moves which result in what might be the most shocking elimination thus far this season. With the season passing the halfway mark things are already heating up with alliances forming and new targets being acquired by our players. In other words, things are really heating up in The Circle!

So which players’ games come to an end next? Let’s take a look at which unlucky players were eliminated this week on The Circle. 

ALERT!  We’re about to get into spoilers for the first four episodes of The Circle season 3. If you haven’t yet checked out the latest episodes of the season and are hoping to avoid any spoilers, now might be a good time for your to exit Circle Chat and come back once you’ve finished your binge of episodes 5-8!

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 5?

Technically speaking, there were no official blockings in the fifth episode of the season; however, the episode does begin with Kai getting the chance to hear from Ava and Chanel after she and Ruksana decided to block them at the end of the previous episode. Following their blocking, the pair officially leave the game as “Michelle.”

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 6?

The sixth episode of The Circle season 3 brings with it the arrival of new player with James entering The Circle and quickly making waves. The arrival of a new player seems to shake things up in the rankings, with Ashley aka Matthew and Isabella aka Sophia earning the titles of Influencers.

With newfound power, the duo considers taking a shot against one of the season’s biggest competitors in Kai but the episode ends before any decision is made. Therefore there is no elimination in episode 6.

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 7?

After building up the drama, The Circle season 3 episode 7 kicks off with the shocking elimination of Calvin! That’s right, instead of taking out Kai, Isabella aka Sofia and Ashley aka Matthew decide to instead block Kai’s budding ally.

Following his blocking from The Circle, Calvin gets the chance to visit Kai and to gift his buddy Nick with a special power that allows him to build his popularity with some help from a burner profile. Enter Vince, a ghosthunter played by Nick who quickly scares up some drama.

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 8?

In episode 8 of The Circle season 3, Nick and Daniel are named Influencers which sets the stage for one of the most intense eliminations yet. This is because the pair happen to be on opposite sides of The Circle.

While we anticipated a hard-fought battle between the two players in determining who to send home, a surprise twist revealed that both Daniel and Nick would be eliminating a player of their choice from the game without any discussion permitted between the week’s Influencers. Unfortunately, the episode ends with a dramatic cliffhanger and we now have to wait until episode 9 to find out who is sent home next.

Which players remain in The Circle season 3 after week 2?

Following the latest episodes of The Circle, a total of eight players remain in The Circle following the events of episodes 5-8. Across the four episodes, we bid farewell to Michelle aka Ava and Chanel as well as to Calvin, who was the only player blocked during the second batch of episodes.

Heading into the next wave of episodes the following players remain in the competition: Kai, Ashley aka Matthew, Ruksana, Daniel, Nick, Isabella aka Sophia, Jackson aka Rachel, James and Vince aka Nick. However, we know two players’ time in the game will soon be over!

Don’t miss new episodes of The Circle season 3 every Wednesday in September only on Netflix!

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