Call of Duty Warzone 2: Season 2 Release Time and Updates

To keep players on their toes, Season 2 will also feature new maps, contracts, and events. For instance, once per match, players killed on Ashika will drop dog tags. If a teammate or the revived player picks it up, they will receive a small influx of cash and UAV ping. Of course, this is easier said than done because depending on how a match goes, returning to the scene of your death might be more trouble than it’s worth and a surefire way to die again. Players looking for something outside of Ashika will also be able to join several new game modes. These include the zombie-themed Infected mode; Grind mode, which tasks players with banking enemy dog tags, and the classic Gun Game mode that forces participants to master a new weapon with every kill.

February 15th might be the beginning of Season 2, but the developers have much more planned later on. For instance, later on in the season, Operators can participate in missions to retrieve stolen vehicles and hack into uplink stations, fight in 1v1 Gulag duels, and square off against new AI enemies and bosses. Season 2 will also introduce several more classic game modes, such as All or Nothing, which only gives players throwing knives and an empty pistol; and Drop Zone, which spawns a new Care Package every 15 seconds. Oh, and Raid fans should be pleased to hear that Episode 2 is coming out mid-season.

In accordance with battle royale standards, Season 2 will also provide new weapons, some of which are only available through the battle pass. These include the ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle, KV Broadside Shotgun, and the Dual Kodachis. Oh, and Daniel “Ronin” Shinoda is this season’s new Operator skin.

Of course, these are only a taste of things to come in Call of Duty Warzione 2: Season 2. More content will slowly drip into the game to keep players busy throughout the season, and after that, we have Season 3 to look forward to. While that future update is a ways away, at least Season 2 is right around the corner.

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