Diablo 4

As a general rule of thumb, dungeons in Diablo 4 are an excellent source of XP and loot since you have to wade through tons of enemies in each. If you are ever in need of XP, just run through a dungeon a few times. Dungeons will also automatically reset around 30 seconds after you complete them, so you should never run out of dungeons to farm. Similarly, you’ll regularly encounter World Events while bouncing between objectives, and they are almost always worth completing if you need XP. They also work off a respawn timer, though it’s not worth waiting around for one to begin again. You’re better off just participating in them as they appear.

Strongholds, meanwhile, are a slightly different matter. Most are one-shot affairs that challenge players and reward them with plenty of character experience. Again, you need to clear out all strongholds if you want to max out a zone’s Renown, but more than that, most strongholds turn into towns you can visit for extra quests (i.e., ways to farm XP). However, some strongholds, such as Kor Dragan, are repeatable. In the case of Kor Dragan, completing this stronghold unlocks the world event The Gathering Legions, which is challenging but boasts an XP prize worthy of its difficulty. Plus if you rest at a campfire before the event, you acquire an XP buff that stacks with the group XP boost. It’s one of the best methods for quickly acquiring XP. – Aaron Greenbaum

XP Boosting Elixirs

Elixirs and Potions are easy to overlook in Diablo 4‘s earliest hours. Unless you’re really struggling, you probably won’t have much use for their various resistance boosts and other benefits. However, you should actually be using elixirs as soon as you unlock them.

Why? Well, most elixirs in the game give you an XP boost for 30+ minutes when you use them. Granted, it’s usually only a 5% boost, but when stacked with other XP boosts, that 5% adds up quickly. In any case, basic elixirs are very cheap to craft (if you’ve been farming materials), and not using one means missing out on free XP. – Matthew Byrd

Should You Complete Side Quests or Main Quests?

Some Diablo 4 players are already wondering if it’s worth completing side quests along the way or if you should focus your efforts on the main quests instead. The answer depends on your circumstances.

I found that Diablo 4‘s campaign is structured to get you pretty close to Level 50 simply by following it. You might earn a little extra XP along the way, but the idea seems to be to get you to the next World Tier by the time the story is done. As such, it’s not a bad idea to follow the main story until those quests are done. That’s also how you’ll unlock mechanics like mounts, which greatly increase your travel speed in the open world.

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