Ghosts Season 2: Why Danielle Pinnock Wants a Twin Sister for Alberta

If you had the ability to give Alberta some modern-day advice before she died, what would you tell her?

I would say ‘take a chance.’ I know the bad boys are really, really cool, sis, but take a chance and find somebody of a different variety. Find a nice guy and see how you feel, because I think she was so wrapped up in just her image and being a cool criminal, jazz singer. It’s a little scary, but try to find somebody else. Find somebody that has a regular job, somebody that you can play Go Fish with and chill and has a nice dinner. That’s the only advice that I would give her, find somebody simple.

If you had the chance to write a Ghosts episode, what would the premise be?

I have an idea for an episode where Alberta has a twin sister that we find, a twin ghost that was also murdered near the property. It’s such a selfish ask, but I want the opportunity to play a different ghost that’s kind of like Alberta, but not. I’m thinking it would be so much fun if I could play her sister and Alberta. But I know production will never let that happen, so I’ll just keep dreaming. I want Lizzo to guest star on the show and I have pitched that she was Alberta’s great-granddaughter who became this huge superstar that was coming back to the Woodstone B&B to find out more about her roots. I would love an episode like that. Maybe if she hires a psychic medium, and I can be able to talk as a psychic about all of our family history and all the things that she would want to say to a granddaughter, I think that would be the episode that I would write for sure.

If you had the chance to guest star on any current TV show, what would it be? 

Abbott Elementary, without question. I love Abbott and I love Quinta Brunson. We went to the same college at Temple University. I would love to be the drama teacher that comes in and out, that gives the kids inappropriate scenes from What’s Love Got To Do With It and John Q, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, that would be a dream. Anything that Quinta Brunson’s doing, I want to be a part of it. I’m so inspired by her and she’s paving the way for all of us. I’m just so honored that she is around now because literally, I look up to her.

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