Hogwarts Legacy PC Performance

If you experience performance issues at that time, though, there are a couple of things you can try.

If you are above the minimum PC requirements in every major area (and had no problem running the instruction portion of the game), then V-Sync may be the culprit. It’s highly recommended that you disable V-Sync in-game and enable it via your GPU control panel (if that option is available to you). It’s highly recommended that you restart your game after changing those (or any other) settings. For some, that simple setting swap was enough to fix the game’s biggest performance issues.

However, if you continue to experience significant frame drops and stuttering, then you’ll have to dig a little deeper. Specifically, some users on Reddit, Steam, and elsewhere have stated that their DLSS settings were the source of frame rate issues. For some, it was simply a matter of needing to manually update their DLSS version manually. Others have stated that they needed to alter their DLSS settings to find the setting that worked for them. As before, give both a shot if needed and see which one works for you.

Ray Tracing also seems to be a common problem at the moment. While it’s unfortunate to have to disable Ray Tracing for a game like this, there’s a possibility that the feature isn’t working as intended at the moment. You may be able to simply turn Ray Tracing (and all associated features) off and fix most performance problems.

If none of that works (or if your PC only barely meets performance requirements), then you’re going to have to start changing the game’s graphical settings. You may just be able to get away with lowering a couple of settings (most notably Shadow, Sky, Foliage, Texture, and Fog Quality) to Medium or Low. If performance issues persist, however, you’re going to need to keep lowering those settings. It’s also generally recommended that you play with your Framerate setting at “Uncapped” in order to ensure you’re getting the best performance possible.

Finally, this Reddit user has posted a series of steps involving your PC’s CFG settings that could fix all of your performance problems. However, I would recommend trying some of the steps mentioned above first (especially on high-end PCs). This method appears to be safe but reports vary on how effective it actually is.

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