Why David Schwimmer (& Other Hollywood Stars) Did Celebrity Bake Off

Daisy Ridley (2021)

She’s always impressive in Star Wars, but Bake Off? Not so much. Poor Daisy Ridley’s dreams for Star Baker quite literally ended up down the toilet when she appeared on the show, with her ‘toilet seat up’ showstopper becoming one of the Bake Off’s most legendary failures.

But she admitted the reason she showed off her lack of baking skills was to “take part, hopefully raise a lot of money, and hopefully that inspires people at home… to see what they can do, and also get involved.”

Michael Sheen (2015)

“Light and fluffy, everyone! They call me that in LA, you know. Michael ‘light and fluffy’ Sheen.” The Good Omens star says, as he whips butter and sugar together in his lovably chaotic episode.

But his reasons for doing the show sounded anything but light and fluffy:

“Regardless of any talent, I totally, irrationally still have a burning desire to obliterate all competition. I’m possibly the most competitive person in the world.”

It’s a good job he’s an excellent baker, then, winning thanks to his epic tropical pavlova showstopper:

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