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EntertainmentTV SeriesWill Westworld Finish Where it Began?

Will Westworld Finish Where it Began?


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It was a life that boasted a potential love interest in Teddy (James Marsden), who has just made a comeback after a significant absence. His presence in the park incarnation of Westworld itself was absolutely integral. It can’t be a coincidence that he has returned, alongside the stories of what once was and could be again. 

Christina is a writer, crafting stories that might actually be real, taking place around her. It’s possible that Dolores is in a simulation world once more, considering some of the other hints of the episode. Regardless, while the higher-ups, the human element, push her to craft more violence and bloodshed in her work, Christina seeks a better outcome. She imagines Westworld as that utopia. Thus it supports the theory that when Dolores breaks out of that spell, it’s that imagined version of the park that she will seek to rebuild. Christina might get to write those happy stories after all and actually experience them. 

Ford’s Narrative 

The theory has persevered that all of the actions of the hosts, since the very first day, have been a part of Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) larger narratives. It was he after all, who began the robotic revolution, sacrificing himself for the grand scheme. But like all of Ford’s stories before, there is always an endpoint and then a reset. If this is all part of his plan, then is there a reset in sight? 

Ford thought long-term, but after a while, the story could run out of steam. If the choices of the characters are ultimately scripted then at some stage they are going to run out of directives. If the hosts never truly gained consciousness and were only programmed to think as such, then maybe they will revert back to their starting positions, which was of course Westworld. On the other hand, Ford is a meta storyteller. It’s also just like him to have the narrative conclude at the start, as an homage to his earlier work. 

Maeve’s Reunion 

Dolores might be one of the main focal points of the show, but there is another lead character who could have arguably been the key protagonist all along. Maeve’s journey has been one of freedom, fighting for herself more so than that of all the hosts. She has one goal in mind, to return to her daughter and live out their life the way they once did. But the dream she imagines for herself is once again a previous reality. 

Much like Dolores, Maeve’s fantasy is one that was a fixture of Westworld. Her daughter was at her happiest, alongside her mother, before the human interference in the fields of the Old West. Just like Dolores, if there’s some kind of happy ending to be had, the happiest these characters have ever been was within that time frame, before Maeve was rewritten and given a new career. The love of Maeve’s life, Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), and her best friend Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) can also be traced back to Westworld. With Maeve having visions of her former allies and romantic interest, she might be looking for a way to bring that back into her reality. 

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