Tyler Hynes Shares Special Holiday Message Just for His Fans

Tyler Hynes


Tyler Hynes

Every year, Tyler Hynes’ fans meet up with the Hallmark star online just before Christmas for a get-together called the Boot Shot Tradition. This year, more than 1,200 fans joined together for the event, and Hynes left a special holiday message of thanks for them.

‘Couldn’t Be More Grateful,’ Hynes Told His Fans

In an Instagram post on Christmas Day, Hynes left a special message for his fans.

He wrote: “1,200 of us together for one hour in our lil corner of the internet, what a beautiful thing. Couldn’t be more grateful to have shared both this year and this tradition with you all. Sorry I couldn’t include all of the many collages that were made 🙂 you know how I feel about you all and how you’ve touched me, So I’ll keep this short. This one’s for you 🥃🥾✨🤍”

He shared a collage with photos of many of the fans who joined the online tradition that evening.

Hallmark star Benjamin Ayres replied, “Dude. Amazing. Cheers and Merry Christmas 🥃.”

Instagram user Lissel_gt replied, “What’s that saying?…-“Together is a wonderful place to be”. ❤️ Thank you for creating a place where we can all honor one another. Appreciate the time and energy put into this incredible tradition. Grateful to be a part of it. 🙏Merry Christmas Tyler and everyone who celebrates. 🎄.”

The event took place on the Tyler Hynes Official Fan Club Facebook group on December 23. The event had more than 8,900 comments as thousands of fans joined in.

The Tradition Involves Using a Boot-Shaped Shot Glass to Toast the Year

Hynes said the tradition involves making a toast with a tiny boot-shaped shot glass, and toasting the year that’s just passed, Just Jared reported.

Hynes said: “I sort of began with my family and friends where we take a tiny little shot out of a tiny little boot-shaped shot glass. It looks like a boot, a Santa boot…”

He added that his friends and family “all take a photo of ourselves taking a shot out of it at Christmas, and we hang it on our tree as an ornament.”

He told Just Jared that on Facebook, he does a live stream with Fans where they all take the shot together and then make photo collages of everyone who participated.

“The folks who watched these movies in this specific Facebook group, they sort of joined in on this tradition last Christmas, and we did a live where we just all took a drink together, and people made collages, and they shared it with each other of everybody’s screenshots at that moment. I think it just made people, while being sort of splintered apart from COVID, feel like they were with other folks…without too many material possessions being involved.”

Hynes has a website where he sold some boot shots he made himself that fans could use for the tradition. Not every fan uses a boot-shaped shot glass, but many do. On the website, you can purchase a box that contains five boot shots glasses. Four of them are meant to be given away in four gift boxes that come with the package. While it appears there are still some boxes available for next year, it’s not clear how long supplies will last.

In an Instagram post, Hynes said that Lonnie from Time for Touch Up handled the shipping, while Max McFarlane helped build the glass. River Daniel and his wife Lauren helped design the packaging and artwork on the boxes.

Hynes wrote on his website: “I started this tradition as a way to stay connected to the important people in my life and to tell them “thank you, I love you and I’m thinking of you” during this most cherished of holidays. What this means to you and how you wish to use it, I can’t wait to see. In the last year that I’ve spent creating this, I’ve had one, singular intention; To create something beautiful that makes you feel included, cherished and deeply appreciated. Hopefully I’ve succeed in that.”

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