Valerie Bertinelli dropped 'down a size' in jeans after Dry January

Valerie Bertinelli has dropped “down a size” in pants since abstaining from alcohol for Dry January.

The actress posted a TikTok video over the weekend about the “nice side effect” of quitting drinking last month.

“These jeans that I’m wearing were so tight a few months ago that I couldn’t comfortably button them,” the 62-year-old told her followers. “Now, they’re so loose it’s time for me to go down a size.”

Bertinelli joked, “I like that side effect.”

In the comments section, the Golden Globe winner wrote that she is interested in attempting Dry July and Sober October.

Last week, Bertinelli celebrated her 31 days sober with an excited Instagram video.

“We did it!” the “One Day at a Time” alum gushed on Jan. 31, telling viewers that she planned to keep the accomplishment “going for a little while.”

Bertinelli elaborated on the many “feelings [that] came up” during her sobriety stint in another social media upload.

Valerie Bertinelli films video in sunglasses
The actress gushed over the “nice side effect.”
Valerie Bertinelli/TikTok

“Growth in emotional intelligence that results from confronting these issues head-on with a clear head is nothing short of transformational. It takes an enormous amount of courage,” the “Kids Baking Championship” host gushed.

“When we push these feelings away, they have a way of sneaking back into our lives and causing suffering,” Bertinelli continued. “But if we face them with kindness and care, we can find resolution and rest.”

Valerie Bertinelli smiles on "Today" show set with Hoda Kotb
Bertinelli may continue abstaining from alcohol.

Valerie Bertinelli wears black top onstage
Bertinelli may continue abstaining from alcohol.


Valerie Bertinelli wears orange top and jeans
Bertinelli may continue abstaining from alcohol.

Valerie Bertinelli stands behind a desk in black top
Bertinelli may continue abstaining from alcohol.


The Daytime Emmy winner has been transparent with her fans about her mental health since separating from husband Tom Vitale in 2021.

After finalizing her divorce in November of the following year, Bertinelli celebrated feeling “free.”

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Valerie Bertinelli waves while walking in black top and cuffed jeans
The “One Day at a Time” has shared her healing journey online since her divorce.
Getty Images

The Food Network star told her Instagram followers in January that she is “long over” the “narcissist” she dated and is moving on “from the s–tty part” of her breakup.

“I am going into the really, really hard part that has the most benefits to it,” she explained. “I have just put a better life forward for myself, a more joyful, a more happy life. … I finally feel like I deserve it.”

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