Why Nightwing Should Be In James Gunn's DCU

In the comics, Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing is one of the main staples DC has to offer; as such, the character should be part of the rebooted DC universe. The last time Dick Grayson was featured in a movie was Joel Schumacher‘s Batman Forever, with a few teases of the Robin character in The Dark Knight Rises and Suicide Squad. With James Gunn and Peter Safran confirming the live-action film debut of Damian Wayne, it would be a mistake to not include the parallels of Dick’s and Damian’s relationship to Bruce.

Dick Grayson is a crucial part of Bruce Wayne’s life and has been a compelling voice that’s added dimension to Bruce Wayne’s character on a personal level. Interestingly, this is why The Lego Batman movie sticks out because it’s the dynamic between Bruce and Dick that helps us understand the billionaire’s psyche beyond the cape and mask. At the moment, none of the Batman films have showcased Nightwing, and bringing Batman’s old protégé into the mix will make for a fascinating story.

Dick Grayson Is Essential To Damian Wayne’s Story

Why Nightwing Should Be In The DC Universe

Dick Grayson is more than just a sidekick to Batman, he’s a representation of family for Bruce Wayne, giving much needed depth to the rich playboy character. DC Comics has done a great job of looking beyond the surface and studying the trauma and loneliness that plagues the life of Bruce Wayne. As previously mentioned, The Lego Batman movie sticks out because it brings that side of Bruce to the forefront and humanizes him. The side effects of being Batman is rarely given much of a spotlight on screen, and that animated feature spotlighted the depression and loneliness that comes with saving the world.

Dick Grayson is a necessary component to the story as it helps showcase just how great of a mentor Bruce Wayne is. With Damian Wayne being an established killer, having that contrast shows that Bruce Wayne is actually a good role model. Nightwing, in the DCU, alongside Damian Wayne can serve as contrasting viewpoints of how having Bruce Wayne as a father figure helps create a grounded hero in Nightwing, but without Bruce Wayne in Damian’s life, he takes a darker path.

An Intriguing Dynamic Between Batman, Nightwing, and Damian Wayne Could Elevate the DCU

Why Nightwing Should Be In The DC Universe

The DC Universe’s intention with Bruce Wayne has not been announced yet. However, with Damian Wayne’s dark past, it would certainly be interesting if the DCU decided to make Batman an anti-hero alongside his son. Then adding Dick Grayson into the mix will make the dynamic more exciting. In the DCU, Nightwing can serve as the one who pulls Bruce out of his darkness. Creating this connection amongst the three presents the opportunity to boldly put a different spin on the Batman story that’s desperately needed.

At the moment, including Batman into the DCU’s central story means the DCU version would need to differentiate himself from Matt Reeves’ Batman, played by Robert Pattinson. This includes the different personality and the introduction of Dick Grayson. Nightwing can be essential to DCU’s stories, particularly with The Bold and The Brave, and it would be shame if James Gunn and Peter Safran passed on the opportunity to introduce a dynamic new hero.

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