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LifestyleCREEP: Biden Grabs Little Girl During Signing, Whispers Something...

CREEP: Biden Grabs Little Girl During Signing, Whispers Something in Her Ear


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The creepiest president in US history. That is quickly becoming the title for President Joe Biden as he continues to fondle little children on live television.

During a bill signing where he awarded Congressional Gold Medals to police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6th, Biden couldn’t keep his hands to himself after he invited a little girl to help him with the signing.

After motioning for the girl to come to the desk with him, Biden aggressively pulled her in with her rear end resting on his knee. He then whispered something into her ear as she stood there clearly uncomfortable.

WATCH: (Second video)

Joe Biden has a history of inappropriately touching little children.

Back in 2015, Joe Biden went viral after he was video taped groping Senator Steve Daines’ niece on C-Span while meeting with his family for his swearing-in ceremony.

The girl, Maria Piacesi who was only eight years old at the time, was filmed standing in front of then Vice President Biden as he ran his hands up and down her upper body.


[embedded content]

Six years later, Maria Piacesi is finally speaking out. Citizen journalist Jonathan Pasetti recently shared screenshots of a conversation he had with Maria Piacesi on social media app Tik Tok where she admits that President Joe Biden pinched her nipple. The teenager has since deleted her comments however the screenshots still exist.

“Did Joe Biden pinch you?” asked Pasetti asked on Tik Tok.

“Yes,” confirmed Maria Piacesi.

Pinching a young child in their breast area is considered molestation. Joe Biden is a molester.

Pasetti later followed up with the young girl after she deleted the comment, asking “Why did you delete the comment?”

“I have friends that would no longer be friends with me if they knew that,” she replied.

“Those “friends” aren’t true friends then. You were abused by a pervert and you deserve justice, but only you can exact that justice by telling others,” Pasetti replied.

The journalist also shared a screenshot of his direct messages with the teenager after she reached out to him.

“I would do something about it tbh if I thought it would help but I honestly just think at this point it would just make people angry and I have already had people calling me out saying I’m lying this is bs even tho it’s not but I just don’t think it would help with anything right now,” Maria Piacesi said.

Check out the screenshots below:

djcalligraphy ™ on Twitter: "Maria Piacesi speaks out about how Joe Biden pinched her nipple when she was 8 years old. Maria is the niece of Montana Senator Steve Daines.… https://t.co/b2JrWx2zUV"

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Trending Politics

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