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Lifestyle'Stop the Genocide': NBA Hall of Famer Joins Enes...

‘Stop the Genocide’: NBA Hall of Famer Joins Enes Kanter Freedom in Stand Against Oppressive China


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Enes Kanter Freedom has been joined in his condemnation of the genocidal Chinese regime by NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins.

Nine-time NBA All-Star Wilkins supplied Celtics player Enes Kanter Freedom — who legally changed his last name after becoming a U.S. citizen last month — with a video voicing his support of Freedom’s drive to bring attention to the genocidal campaign the Chinese are waging on its Uyghur population.

“History is written in two ways: One, you can sit on the couch and watch how it’s written. Or two, you can do something about it and write history,” Wilkins said in the video Freedom posted on Saturday. “Which side are we taking?

“There is a genocide happening right now. The Chinese government is sending millions of Uyghurs to concentration camps where they are subject to torture, forced labor, rape, and sterilization,” Freedom continued in the video. “All simply because they embrace their own religion, their own culture, language, history, and identity.

Tibetan and Uyghur activists wear masks during a protest against Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in front of the Olympics Museum in Lausanne on June 23,...

Tibetan and Uyghur activists wear masks during a protest against Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in front of the Olympics Museum in Lausanne on June 23, 2021 as some 200 participants took part to the protest. (Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP) (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

“What is happening to the Uyghur people is one of the worst human rights tragedies in the world today,” Wilkins added. “We cannot stay silent.

“All of us must spread the word and call on the Chinese government to free the Uyghur people,” Freedom concluded. “We need to wake up, we need to speak up. Close the camps. Stop the genocide. Freedom for all.”

Freedom has been one of the lone voices — not just in the NBA, but all of sports — trying to hold China accountable for its massive human rights abuses.

Indeed, his own sports league has become so beholden to the billions China is paying it that Freedom says league officials have pleaded with him to stop criticizing China. He specifically noted that NBA officials quietly begged him to stop pushing his campaign to have China leave Tibet.

Freedom also recently debuted sneakers aimed at calling attention to the oppression perpetrated by the authoritarian regime of Venezuela and its socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro.

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Source: Breitbart

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