The 13 best things to do in Bath

Be sure not to miss the circular Circus, with a group of vast plane trees at its centre. Note the carved motifs on the houses’ facades, some of which are masonic, and the acorn finials on the roofline, which reference Bath’s mythical founder Bladud, who looked after pigs (pigs like acorns). Just a few steps away lie the Assembly Rooms, prime focal point of entertainment in Bath in Georgian times. The building was badly damaged in an air raid in World War Two but subsequently restored to its former glory. The beautifully proportioned Ballroom, Tea Room and Great Octagon card room evoke Jane Austen’s Bath better than anywhere else in the city – she attended balls here, and two of her novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, have scenes set here.

Insider’s tip: The Assembly Rooms is closed to visitors for the foreseeable future. The National Trust has plans to redevelop the historic rooms into a new “immersive experience”. The Fashion Museum, which was in the Assembly Rooms’ basement, has also closed, and will be moving to a new location in the city centre.


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