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‘You Always Pray to God to Send You Helpers But Won’t Ask For Direct Blessings’- Lydia Forson

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Lydia Forson has used her platform on Facebook to mock Christians who always beseech God in prayers requesting for ‘divine’ helpers.

The celebrated actress whose fame stretches beyond the shores of Ghana said it’s prudent for one to ask God for a direct blessing so you can be in a position to help others instead of relying on the benevolence of others all the time.

Lydia Forson noted that one should not wait to become rich before extending a helping hand to others. Her post as sighted on Facebook read;


“Everyday God should send you helpers but you di33 your help should be reserved for the bank eh? Yoo. You don’t pray that God should bless you so you can be a blessing others too.

Helping people isn’t limited to how much you have, it’s the willingness to help even with the little you have. You maybe be praying for GH 100 and the next person only needs GH 2 of that.

You don’t have to wait around to be rich to help others, even being there emotionally, supporting with your time and whatever resources you have is enough.”


So today as you pray for that big man/woman to get more money to “help” you, pray for yourself to be positioned to help others. Good morning.

The Fante-speaking celeb was in the news recently when she revisited the time she was dissed on radio for refusing to give out her number to a ‘big’ man who had sent someone to come for it while he sat comfortably in his car.

The issue happened months ago but it seems the outspoken actress and filmmaker is yet to recover from the abuse hurled at her by two on-air personalities when they culled the story from her Facebook timeline and discussed it on air.

Hours ago, Lydia talked about the issue one more time and slammed the so-called intellectuals hiding behind “opinion” to push their jealousy and disdain for people because their format works and her laid out “perfect” method doesn’t.



Source: GhGossip

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