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News10 Actors Who Nailed Their Roles In The Umbrella...

10 Actors Who Nailed Their Roles In The Umbrella Academy


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Although Season 3 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has ended, fans cannot wait for more. Rather than being a conventional superhero team, The Umbrella Academy constantly creates chaos and alters timelines. Adopted and raised by eccentric billionaire Reginald Hargreeves, the seven siblings all have the same birthday and unique abilities.

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With the already fascinating premise of The Umbrella Academy, the cast goes above and beyond to cement their cult status. The Hargreeves’ siblings known as The Umbrella Academy, or The Sparrow Academy depending on the timeline, are played by talented actors. And along with the main roles, there are various other stand-out actors in The Umbrella Academy’s run. The synergy on-screen speaks for itself.

10 Aidan Gallagher Leads The Team As Five

Though Aidan Gallagher is much younger than the rest of the main cast, his acting skills are of high quality. It is easy to believe Five is in his fifties and trapped in the body of a boy. Also, Five is the de facto leader in terms of time travel. Since the Hargreeves’ siblings are always on the move, these interactions are hilarious to watch.

Gallagher is able to show childish traits from the perspective of a lonely adult effortlessly. Five’s fixation with mannequins and his impulsiveness are objectively juvenile. However, Aidan Gallagher is convincing as a troubled man with a child’s appearance.

9 Justin Cornwell’s Marcus Makes A Lasting Impression

In Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, Reginald Hargreeves alters the timeline by adopting a different set of children. The new Hargreeves’ are called the Sparrow Academy. The Sparrow Academy’s Number One, Marcus, is only present for one episode, but he makes a lasting impression.

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Justin Cornwell portrays Marcus as someone who enjoys the celebrity status of The Sparrow Academy while still being a very caring leader. In his little screen time, Marcus proves to be an essential part of the team, and his scene with Viktor shows he is very strategic. Pogo’s trust in Marcus reinforces his pragmatic, protective personality. Also, his death is selfless because he just wants to protect his family from the strange ball of light. Fans were devastated by Cornwell’s early departure and hope to see him return.

8 Javon Walton Pulls Off A Number Of Great Moments As Stan

Stan is a surprisingly perfect addition to The Umbrella Academy. Javon Walton’s interaction with the rest of the cast is natural, but his scenes with Diego, Lila and Klaus really stand out.

Finding out Stan is not Diego’s son does little to break the connection Walton creates. Stan does not break character as Diego’s kid even when he believes he killed Klaus. This is an impressive performance because Walton is acting as Stan, and Stan is acting as Diego’s kid. The meta aspect of Javon Walton’s role certainly elevates The Umbrella Academy.

7 Robert Sheehan’s Klaus Was An Instant Fan Favorite

Robert Sheehan embodies his role as Klaus Hargreeves effortlessly. Klaus is the most non-confrontational team member. His abilities are not immediately useful in battle, so he is prone to having other adventures. Klaus is desperate for his father’s approval even if it means rewriting history.

Klaus allows Reginald to manipulate him so his powers can evolve. Sheehan makes Klaus’ mannerisms his own; his carefree nature subtly changes depending on who he is interacting with. Klaus bonding with his “nephew” Stan is delightful. For example, he watches Stan steal to his heart’s desire before making him put everything back. Robert Sheehan’s splendid acting makes Klaus’ numerous resurrections something to look forward to.

6 Emmy Raver-Lampman Has The Skills Needed To Play The Complex Life Of Allison

Allison Hargreeves is one of the most complex characters in The Umbrella Academy. Apart from having a very different experience with time travel due to her race, she also loses her daughter and husband. Emmy Raver-Lampman successfully brings Allison’s anguish to life. Though Season 3 essentially sets Allison up as a villain, she is still a fan favorite thanks to Raver-Lampman’s talent.

Allison does some unforgivable things, but Raver-Lampman’s portrayal reveals the true nuances of the character. Allison builds a successful life for herself outside the academy and, as a result, she experiences unfathomable loss. Emmy Raver-Lampman’s ability to connect with fans makes some of Allison’s behavior understandable.

5 Jordan Claire Robbins Brings The Robotic Grace To Life

Grace Hargreeves is a sentient android who is modeled after the real-life Grace who dated Reginald Hargreeves in the 1960s. Jordan Claire Robbins gives a convincing performance as Grace. Known as “Mom” to The Umbrella Academy, she is their primary caregiver and confidant. However, with The Sparrow Academy, she is seen as a nuisance.

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Robbins uses the contrast of Grace’s personalities to show the difference human connections make. Grace is a poorly treated housewife as well as a caring mother. Her mannerisms, body language, and facial expressions are expertly crafted by Robbins. The capable actress is convincing both as a malfunctioning robot and a long-suffering housewife and mother.

4 Mary J. Blige Stands Out As Cha-Cha

One of the highlights of The Umbrella Academy is Mary J. Blige’s role as the time-traveling assassin Cha-Cha. Though Cha-Cha is only in the first season, her legacy is undeniable. As she and her partner Hazel hunt for Five, Mary J. Blige and Cameron Britton have great chemistry on-screen.

Blige as Cha-Cha is a stand-out character and menacing even with the cartoon mask. Her acting abilities are convincing even with just her body language and voice. Blige’s performance is even more impressive because she does most of her own stunts as well. This is no easy feat because Cha-Cha is a great fighter. The presence of Mary J. Blige in The Umbrella Academy has been sadly missed.

3 Justin H. Min Has Played Ben In Two Very Different Ways

The evolution of Ben Hargreeves has been fascinating to watch. Ben starts off as a tragic member of the team who dies before the events of The Umbrella Academy. Klaus is the only one who can communicate with Ben’s spirit, and when Ben possesses Klaus, his extroverted side is finally seen.

However, Ben is the only member of the team to be adopted by Reginald Hargreeves both in The Sparrow Academy and The Umbrella Academy realities. Justin H. Min shows two sides to Ben. The unpleasant, cocky side with the Sparrows and the caring team member with the Umbrellas. Min is believable in both roles. His great performance leaves fans torn about how to feel about Ben.

2 Ritu Arya Pulls Off The Extreme Confidence Of Lila Pitts

Lila Pitts is one of the 43 children born around the world to women who were not pregnant at the beginning of the day. Unlike the Umbrella Academy members, she does not have a specific skill. Lila has a mimicry ability, which means she is able to imitate everyone’s powers.

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Ritu Arya exudes confidence and her rapport with the main cast makes Lila a delight on-screen. She has an interesting relationship with the Hargreeves. Five killed her parents on the orders of her adoptive mother, The Handler, while Diego is romantically involved with her and cares for their “son” Stan. Lila is simultaneously ruthless and benevolent, and Arya somehow convincingly channels all of Lila’s conflicting emotions.

1 Colm Feore Brings An Air Of Diabolical Elegance To Reginald Hargreeves

Sir Reginald Hargreeves is the gift that keeps on giving in The Umbrella Academy. Colm Feore excellently portrays him, right down to his monocle. Hargreeves adopts The Umbrella Academy and callously changes the timeline upon meeting them. He replaces them with The Sparrow Academy without a second thought.

Feore is consistent in his veteran acting abilities and his theatrical training shines through. Reginald Hargreeves is an eccentric billionaire, a murderous alien, a neglectful father, and an individual pining for a lost love. Just like Klaus, fans want to trust him, but he ultimately turns out to be manipulative and self-serving. Colm Feore’s talent and precision in this role certainly makes The Umbrella Academy a fantastic series to watch.

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