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News10 Best Board Games Based On Video Games

10 Best Board Games Based On Video Games


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Video games capture gamer’s imaginations with gripping stories, beautiful graphics, and giant worlds to explore. Before there were video games, however, table-top games were the game of choice for people looking for an escape. Ranging from the extremely simplistic to multiple component, full on RPG experiences franchise-inspired games can attract fans of a series or introduce board game players to something entirely new.

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While some board games made the transition to becoming a video game, the reverse was also happening, now at a more frequent rate. Some video games made the transition to a table-top version back in the early 2000s, but as the genre grew in popularity, big-name video game franchises began transforming their property into exciting table-top experiences for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

10 DOOM Takes Players To Hell

The DOOM board game puts one player in control of the franchise’s Hellish demons while several other players put on the Doomslayer armor. As they try to complete missions on the board, the marines receive a plethora of weapons from the game.

The player controlling the demons has one goal: eliminate all marines. To help them in their quest, they have a number of different Hellspawn to chuck at the marines. While the DOOM video game is very run-and-gun, the board game offers a more tactical approach complete with character stats, unique traits, and special abilities.

The XCOM board game utilizes an interesting take on the genre. The game features a free companion app that pairs with the game, telling players how and when aliens attack, giving results of the players’ moves, and combining with the dice-throwing to add extra tension.

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As they fight back the alien invasion, up to four players work co-operatively to issue orders and place the soldiers rather than directly control them. XCOM: The Board Game requires strategic cooperation between players and its innovative app provides a unique table-top experience.

8 Betrayal At Baldur’s Gate Is a Mash-Up We Didn’t Know We Needed

The Baldur’s Gate video games are set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Betrayal At Baldur’s Gate returns the franchise to its table-top origins. This game combines the co-op exploration game Betrayal At House On The Hill with the setting, characters, and lore from Baldur’s Gate.

Players work co-operatively to explore the environment, tile by tile, until they activate a scenario that pits one player against the rest. With 50 possible scenarios, this board game offers a lot of replay value to fans of the Baldur’s Gate series.

7 Bloodborne Is An Authentic Challenge

In Bloodborne: The Board Game, players assume the role of hunters and work together to uncover the mystery behind a plague turning the villagers of Yharnam into violent beasts. Much like the video game, players must band together, learn the behavior of their enemies, and form sound tactics to defeat them.

Hunters have access to unique weapons but fight against time as the plague advances. When players die, they can return to the field of play, however, previously defeated enemies and obstacles also return to block their advances.

6 Horizon Zero Dawn Teams Players Up Against Robot Dinosaurs

The Horizon Zero Dawn board game gives fans of the series the best chance to fight robot dinosaurs in real life. The game includes highly detailed miniatures of the game’s iconic machines, and players build decks to advance through the game and defeat the machines.

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Players take on the role of Hunters and each has their own unique skills and traits that help with attacks and defense. There are also expansions to the game if players are looking to add even more machines to the battlefield.

5 Pac-Man Gobbles Up The Fun

For any gamers looking for a quick and fun table-top experience, Pac-Man is a great choice. The video game is simple, and the board game reflects that similar feel as one player controls Pac-Man while up to four others play as the ghosts.

Pac-Man must gobble up all the pellets on the board while the ghosts try to stop him. The board even features the iconic “waka-waka” sound when Pac-Man gobbles up pellets. It is a fun authentic Pac-Man experience for fans of the franchise and newcomers.

4 Gears Of War Revs Up The Fun

Gear Of War: The Board Game puts players into COG armor as one of the members of Delta Squad from the first three Gears of War games. Players must set up a mission with randomly placed tiles that feature Locust enemies they must face together.

The game is played with a hand of cards that provide players with their health and actions. These actions will be familiar to Gears fans as they include things like “Active Reload” and “Roadie Run.” This board game isn’t quite as gory as the video game, but it’s just as fun.

3 This War Of Mine Brings War Struggles To The Living Room

In the board game version of This War of Mine, up to six players must survive the struggles of war as the worst scenarios unfold. It’s a depressingly harsh survival game that really captures the desperation experienced by the video game’s characters.

Players must explore the environment and manage their resources while they encounter different scenarios that cause them to make difficult decisions. The game also has a solo mode for anyone who’s willing and daring enough take on the game’s challenge by themselves.

2 The Witcher Adventure Game Is As Big As The Video Game

The Witcher is as popular as ever and if fans are craving more from the series, The Witcher Adventure Game will fill that need. Players get to control iconic characters such as Geralt, Triss, and Dandelion as they explore the map and try to complete various quests towards an end goal.

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Much like the video game, players choose which of their character’s skills they want to upgrade. The gate also offers up several opportunities for players to clash with each other for some fun chance encounters.

1 Kill Time In Your Vault With The Fallout Board Game

The Fallout board game offers a lot of depth for any fans of the video game. Players explore the map together as iconic characters such as Vault Dwellers and members of the Brotherhood of Steel as they work towards one of several shared objectives.

Even though players explore together, they will find their own missions to complete along the way. They’ll even encounter different factions they can fight or partner up with. Much like the game, player choice steers the adventure towards several intriguing endings.

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