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The Lego Group started producing sets based on superheroes in 2006, and the Marvel and DC lines have since become two of the most enduring and profitable licenses the company owns. Lego has also tried to balance comics-accurate sets that look good as display pieces with more playful sets purely intended for kids.

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Sometimes the designers, in a bid to pack as many exciting minifigures as they can into a year of releases, develop some incredibly strange Lego sets that feel like they were thrown together with loose parts. These weird sets may not be the most attractive desk displays for comics fans, but there’s something charming about how nonsensical they are.

10 Egghead Got A Lego Set, And It’s As Weird As It Sounds

Sets that were released to tie in with The Lego Batman Movie may get a pass for being weird—it’s a movie that delights in being weird. However, 70920-1 Egghead Mech Food Fight is too wild to ignore.

A set based on a D-list villain whose biggest claim to fame was being played by Vincent Price in the ’60s, the Egghead Mech is one of the most niche sets in Lego history. It’s too obscure for kids to recognize, and it’s too goofy for most comics fans. However, for those who found the built-in egg incubator and the included Condiment King minifigure delightful, this set was a steal at $30.00.

9 The Buildable Batman Action Figure Is A Spikey Mess

Lego periodically tries to push a line of buildable action figures, but unless those figures are part of the Bionicle line, they almost always flop. In 2012, they produced a handful of buildable superhero figures to mixed results.

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The strangest of the bunch has to be 4526-1 Batman, who comes with some kind of double-bladed tentacle sword and spiky bits that feel more akin to Jean-Paul Valley’s armor than to Bruce Wayne’s. These sets often make their way to clearance sections, and it’s not hard to see why.

8 Detroit Steel Sure Is A Bunch Of Pieces

Detroit Steel is already an obscure Iron Man character, and Justin Hammer is best known as the secondary villain from one of the MCU’s least popular entries. Nevertheless, in 2017, Lego decided to pay tribute to Detroit Steel, seven years after both its comics debut and Justin Hammer’s appearance in Iron Man 2.

“76077-1 Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes Back” does have value as the only Lego set to include Agent Coulson (his car, Lola, is also a good bonus). Still, Detroit Steel itself is a confounding mishmash of parts, and it only barely resembles the suit from the comics, which is a suit that most collectors hadn’t heard of anyway.

7 The Riddler Chase Is Mario Kart With Flash And Batman

“76012-1 Batman: The Riddler Chase” has a lot of positives. It was the first set to include Flash, and the Batmobile build is one of the sleekest designs Lego has ever put in stores.

However, Riddler’s dragster is a bizarre choice of vehicle for the cerebral villain. It’s mostly one long plate, and a nudge from the Batmobile would smash it to pieces. Adding to the weirdness is Flash’s presence and the banana Riddler appears to be tossing at him. Perhaps the backstory is that Riddler and Flash are in a Mario Kart-style race.

6 The Spider-Crawler Is A Nightmare

Spider-Man has gotten a lot of vehicles in toy form, but few are as unnerving as 761141-1 Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler. Looking upsettingly similar to a real spider, the only thing keeping this set from terrifying parents around the world is its unrealistic color scheme.

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The set offered some excellent minifigures, including the only minifigure version of Spider-Man 2099. However, why Spider-Man 2099 was included in this particular set is a mystery. There’s no real thematic link between Miguel O’Hara and a giant spider, so it’s possible the only thing that might compel collectors to pick up this terror was a unique minifigure.

5 Hulk and Red Hulk Use Big, Ugly Cars To Fight

The minifigures that came with 76078-1 Hulk vs. Red Hulk were excellent. She-Hulk and Hulk himself look particularly comics-accurate. It’s strange, then, that Lego put some of their best minifigures together in one of the ugliest sets they’ve ever produced.

In the scenario depicted by the set, Hulk and Red Hulk have commissioned giant battle wagons and recruited She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk to drive them. Their battle will begin and end with the two wagons smashing into each other and launching their respective Hulks into the air. Hulk’s battle wagon was particularly ugly, and it included big, useless wheels that most Lego fans probably never used in any build ever again.

4 Attack On The Spider Lair Confuses Peter Parker With Bruce Wayne

76175-1 Attack on the Spider Lair seems to be somewhat inspired by Aunt May’s secret hideout from Into the Spiderverse. Beyond that, the inspiration for the Spider Lair seems to be a combination of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ hideout and the Batcave.

Somehow, Peter Parker—a character who struggles to pay rent​​​​​​—has built a secret lab complete with a spider-computer, a basketball court, a catapult that launches basketballs, a halfpipe, and some sort of special platform for his motorcycle. This lair is basically the complete opposite of Spider-Man’s normal living conditions.

3 Lego Did Not Know How To Make An Iron Man 3 Set

Lego sets that are released as movie tie-ins tend to come out looking fairly normal. Their Marvel sets may get certain details wrong because Disney is infamously tight-lipped about their projects and only provide Lego with early concept art as references. However, overall, the sets themselves are usually recognizably based on a movie.

One of the biggest exceptions is “76008-1 Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown,” which was released alongside Iron Man 3. First off, the Lego Mandarin doesn’t even remotely resemble any version of The Mandarin ever depicted, let alone Ben Kingsley’s version (it looks more like Fidel Castro). Secondly, the vehicle he’s driving is indecipherable and seems like a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a go-kart. Inaccuracy to the movie is one thing, but this set doesn’t seem accurate to anything Marvel-related at all.

2 Venom Has A Mech That Looks Exactly Like Him

Lego produces a lot of mechs for their superhero figures to ride around, so presumably, mechs sell very well. Characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine would probably never bother piloting unwieldy mech suits, but they’re fun for kids to build, albeit very weird to think about.

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The weirdest mech suits by far came in 76115-1 Spider Mech vs. Venom. Spider-Man’s mech looks like something he hastily stitched together with webbing and loose rubble, while Venom’s mech just looks like a giant version of Venom. In the set’s favor, if the builder removes the control panel from the mech Venom’s back, it actually looks like a decent oversized Venom.

1 Killer Croc Sewer Smash Is Wild

Lego fans agreed when “76055-1 Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash” came out in 2016 that, not only is it probably the worst Lego superhero set ever made, it might be one of Lego’s most baffling sets ever. On one side, the set has Batman driving a vehicle that could be a tank, a boat, or a car, but most certainly doesn’t belong in a sewer. On the other side, Killer Croc drives a clumsy set of crocodile jaws that also has a tacked-on cherry picker for Captain Boomerang. The crocodile jaws were shaky and unstable, and the Batman vehicle was a confusing mass of treads and wobbly parts.

If the set has one thing going for it, it’s the plethora of minifigures, but the selection is bafflingly random. The only thing tying most of them together is their connection to the first Suicide Squad movie, but none of the characters look like their on-screen counterparts. It’s a truly bizarre set that feels like all the designers had to work with was a box of discarded parts from other projects.

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