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Despite her underwhelming release which didn’t meet fan expectations, Yae Miko was one of the single most hyped-up units in Genshin Impact. Although characters like Raiden Shogun would ultimately beat her in sales, the amount of sheer hype around Yae was hard to ignore. After all, Yae Miko technically originates from Honkai Impact 3rd, another one of Hoyoverse’s titles.

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It’s no surprise that bringing an alternate version of an already fan-favorite character into Genshin would increase fan expectation. This is only further helped by her status as an Electro Catalyst user, who doesn’t have much competition in the same category aside from Lisa, who most players tend to pass on. And while she’s been an established character that fans have been dying to know all about, there’s still parts of Yae Miko’s character some may be unfamiliar with.

10 Yae Miko’s Birthday Is June 27, Making Her A Cancer

Each character in Genshin has an official birthday listed in their profile, with Yae Miko’s being June 27. This makes her a Cancer, who are noted to make very good friends but prefer to keep a tight inner circle, with their negative side causing them to come off as overprotective and suspicious at times.

It’s also a tradition within Genshin for characters to send the player special heartfelt messages on their birthday, containing a few items as a gift, as well. Since Yae Miko hasn’t had a birthday since her release, she sadly doesn’t have one of these yet, though her first will be here in the blink of an eye at the time of publication.

9 Her Publishing House Is Renowned Across All Of Teyvat

The Yae Publishing House, as the name suggests, is a giant of the Inazuma publishing industry that’s run by Yae Miko and renowned throughout t Teyvat. It’s impressive that she has the time and resources to keep such a large business so successful with all the other duties she’s responsible for.

As of this writing, there are sixteen confirmed employees of the publishing house, including Yae herself. Of course, two of them are Albedo and Xingqiu who don’t officially work there, but rather lend their creative talents to some of its works.

8 Yae Miko’s Fourth Constellation Makes Her A Powerful Support For Electro-Focused Comps

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Although Yae Miko can certainly be added to players’ teams without needing any extra constellations, there tend to be one or two that provide characters with significant power boosts. In Yae’s case, this would be “Sakura Channeling”, her fourth constellation and one that turns her into a great support for Electro-heavy compositions.

Whenever Yae’s Sesshou Sakura lightning hits opponents, her allied party members will gain twenty percent Electro Damage Bonus for the next five seconds. For players who like using Keqing, Fischl or Raiden Shogun, Yae can make an excellent support for an extra burst of damage.

7 She Instills Fear In Other Characters, Notably Thoma And Gorou

Yae Miko is someone who loves to pull pranks. This makes sense given she’s both a yokai and a kitsune, both of which are cunning and mischievous. Given her high intelligence, the types of pranks Yae pulls tend to be incredibly elaborate and well-thought-out.

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It’s noted that she can make characters like Thoma and Gorou squirm and grow terrified at the mere sight of her, due to how often she causes them to fall victim to her pranks. She gets nothing but enjoyment out of this, and it’s stated that if she’s not playing pranks on others, she’s interested in those that get her attention – painting Yae as someone who likes to avoid boredom if possible.

6 Yae Miko And The Raiden Shogun Are On A First-Name Basis

In the Raiden Shogun’s backstory, it’s revealed that she used to have a tight-knit group of close friends who all more-or-less vanished over time. This has a profound effect on her, and is a large reason why she’s so obsessed with the idea of ‘eternity’ when the player arrives in Inazuma.

Yae Miko is one of the Shogun’s few close friends who remains by her side, even after everything. The two are so close that they’re seen referring to each other by their first-name, and Yae is comfortable enough to tease Raiden when others would be mortified to do so.

5 She’s Quick To Try To Weasel Money Out Of Others

Going hand-in-hand with Yae’s cunning nature is her ability to turn almost any situation into a potential business opportunity. It’s likely that this is a skill she’s cultivated over time, having kept Yae Publishing House in such high regard for so long as the head and editor-in-chief.

When she does have a truly emotional moment, she’s quick to try to turn it around and instead make the situation about potentially turning a profit. She’s seen doing this with the Traveler and Paimon, using their sympathy towards her to try to get them to pay for dinner. Though, this feels more like Yae uses it to mask her true feelings about the situation than she does to be purposefully malicious.

4 Yae Miko’s Methods As Editor-In-Chief Of Yae Publishing House Are Highly Unconventional

Yae’s Friendship Level 2 story details an editor of hers who submitted a novel that would have done incredibly well, based on what was popular at the time. To their surprise, Yae wasn’t pleased with this submission, and instead told the editor to write whatever it is they wanted instead, regardless of genre.

This actually turned out to be a brilliant call, as the author ended up having an epiphany and writing a much better novel than the generic one he wrote in order to fit into popular genres at the time. While others tend to see her methods and standards as unconventional, there’s no doubt that they’re effective.

3 She Gives Playful, Fictional Tales About How She Got Her Vision When Asked

Yae is an incredibly cunning individual who loves pulling pranks, having fun, and essentially combating boredom in any way she possibly can. Going along with this, she doesn’t typically like to give straightforward answers to many of the questions she’s asked.

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This is especially true when it comes to her Vision, where her tales can range from death-defying to childishly ridiculous – all of them are clearly untrue. Examples of tales she’s woven about getting her Vision include a long, drawn-out fight where her Vision is brought down from the sky via a lightning bolt. She’s also claimed to have gotten her vision from a ‘ramen duel’.

2 Yae Miko Has A Tiny Visual Indicator That Her Burst Is Ready

Genshin Impact has incredibly good character designs, appreciated even by those who don’t actively play the game or have any interest in the gacha genre. Aside from simply having gorgeous and intricate designs, there are often hidden little easter eggs thrown into characters’ outfits as well, that only the most eagle-eyed players spot.

This is the case for Yae Miko, who has a special addition tell that her Elemental Burst is ready for use, aside from the typical icon that lights up. Whenever Yae’s Burst is ready, the large purple gem in her side earring glows along with her Vision, which is a neat touch.

1 She Agrees With Raiden’s Views On Eternity But Understands The World Doesn’t Work That Way

Being one of the Raiden Shogun’s closest friends, it makes sense that Yae would somewhat agree with the other’s views. One of Yae’s voice lines confirms that she has similar views about the idea of eternity, but is still realistic enough to understand that the world can’t operate that way.

“Personally, I think the idea of things staying the same forever is quite beautiful,” she agrees, before adding, “but alas, that is simply not the way the world works.” This simple line manages to showcase both Yae’s idealism and her realistic side and how they help to balance each other out.

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