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News10 Times Dragon Ball Z Went Too Far

10 Times Dragon Ball Z Went Too Far


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It’s not common for anime to achieve the universal level of success that’s been experienced by Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z. Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball quickly found an audience, but it’s not until the more mature and action-centric material of Dragon Ball Z that it became the monumental hit that it is today.

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Dragon Ball Z remains faithful to its predecessor, but the revised tone and perspective that it adopts have helped it stay relevant. The increased combat and more mature content are necessary for Dragon Ball Z to grow, but there are certain moments where the anime goes too far.

10 Buu Wipes Out Most Of The Planet’s Population

A growing hurdle that anime like Dragon Ball inevitably face is that each new villain needs to be more powerful than the last, which at a point pushes their strength to ridiculous levels. There has been wide-scale destruction in Dragon Ball Z as well as villainous attacks with massive casualties, but none can compare with the Human Extinction Attack that Super Buu launches.

As its name suggests, this aggressive maneuver results in the majority of Earth’s population being taken out. It’s a very grim turn for the series’ final act to take.

9 Gohan Tells His Mom That Goku Died In Battle Against Cell

Cell is a ruthless and persistent villain who actually manages to successfully take out Goku through his overwhelming self-destruct attack. Goku’s quick-thinking results in the safety of the planet, but he becomes a sacrifice in the process.

Gohan is the one who finally takes out Cell, but this victory is undercut by the bittersweet moment where Gohan needs to inform his mother of the bad news. Gohan is still a kid at this point, and he shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of telling his own mother about Goku’s passing. Krillin could have done it to give Gohan a break.

8 Majin Vegeta’s Murderous Reign Of Terror

Dragon Ball continues to chase the high of the electric energy that’s present whenever Goku and Vegeta are forced into genuine combat with each other. Dragon Ball Z has to jump through some hoops to make Majin Vegeta happen, and this transformation represents Vegeta at his most vulnerable and self-loathing.

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Majin Vegeta properly proves that he’s moved over to the dark side by a vicious act where he kills a crowd of innocent spectators at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Their lives are later restored by the Dragon Balls, but it’s still difficult to see Vegeta callously kill civilians.

7 Imperfect Cell Drains Civilians Dry

Dragon Ball Z is primarily an action series, but it’s a nuanced property that occasionally leans into different genres like comedy, romance, and even horror. Cell is at his weakest when he’s in his Imperfect state, but it’s here where he’s the most nightmarish.

Imperfect Cell becomes even more terrifying due to how he sucks the life out of his human victims and leaves empty husks behind. It’s easily the most frightening sequence out of Dragon Ball Z, and it helps establish Cell as an enemy who is to be taken seriously.

6 Spopovich Overpowers Videl And Doesn’t Hold Back

The beginning of the Buu Saga has a tense mystery around it where it’s not clear where the danger truly lies. Traces of Babidi’s Majin influence have come out of the woodwork, but Buu is still a pipe dream at this point. The moment that the situation properly escalates is when Spopovich, one of Babidi’s minions, takes on Videl in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Spopovich intentionally delivers more pain than what’s necessary in the hopes that Gohan will intervene and that they can sap his strength. This torturous onslaught could have happened to anyone, but it’s too much to bear when the innocent Videl is the victim.

5 Recoome’s Beatdown On Vegeta

Many battle shonen series figure out clever ways for the heroes to bide their time with lower-tier enemies before they’re able to face the true threat. The Ginyu Force becomes an enormous obstacle for the heroes, who in many ways only prove how ill-prepared they are to take on Frieza.

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Vegeta’s pride is out of control following his execution of Guldo, but the Ginyu Force’s burly Recoome immediately humbles the Saiyan Prince by beating him to a pulp. This level of uninterrupted violence is unprecedented at this point in Dragon Ball Z, and it feels like it’s allowed to go even harder because it’s Vegeta who’s on the receiving end of the punishment.

4 Goku Uses Bulma To Bribe Old Kai For Help

The original Dragon Ball has some unfortunate moments that have aged poorly as a result of the impure impulses that fuel a lot of Master Roshi’s actions. Roshi is less of a dominating presence in Dragon Ball Z, but the character meets his lewd match with Old Kai.

Old Kai’s cooperation is essential for Gohan to master the Ultimate upgrade, but he remains unmotivated to help out. The way in which Goku finally gets Old Kai to help them out is by promising him pictures of Bulma, something that he doesn’t run past Vegeta first. It’s a poor, regressive moment for everyone involved.

3 Frieza And Vegeta Ravage Innocent Namekian Villages

Dragon Ball Z increases the scale of its adventures in thrilling ways once it leaves the comfort of Earth’s atmosphere and travels to Planet Namek. Many different factions congregate on Namek to hunt for the planet’s Dragon Balls, which unfortunately gives the innocent Namekians a lot of unwanted attention.

These civilians are just trying to live their lives, only to become brutalized, executed, and ultimately displaced from their original home as Frieza’s army and Vegeta do whatever is necessary to acquire the Dragon Balls. Vegeta later atones for his poor behavior on Namek, but this level of reflection doesn’t occur until Dragon Ball Super.

2 Goten Cries Over The Death Of His Family

Earth’s strongest congregate at Kami’s Lookout as they try to figure out the proper strategy against Buu. It’s appropriately chilling when Buu crashes their party and culls through the herd as a way to deal with his boredom. At this point, it’s believed that Gohan is dead, which prompts Chi-Chi to berate Super Buu. Buu responds by turning Chi-Chi into an egg, which he then crushes.

Goten watches this entire performance and is quite traumatized by the experience. The same is true for Trunks, who is also left to mourn Vegeta’s recent sacrifice. These deaths are sad enough without needing to include the trauma and pain of children.

1 Frieza Tortures And Mocks His Victims

Frieza has repeatedly proven himself to be the most vile of villains in the Dragon Ball universe. He’s responsible for the deaths of entire species, and he finds a special level of glee in torturing his victims. The fight against Frieza on Planet Namek involves a tag-team effort from the heroes as Frieza cycles through his increasingly powerful forms.

Frieza flaunts his supremacy, and he further strokes his ego through the torture and mockery of Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta. Krillin and Vegeta don’t both just die by Frieza’s hand, but their spirits are destroyed, which for Vegeta is even more crushing of a defeat.

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