Dominic Toretto staring at his brother Jakob and Dominic staring down Lukje Hobbs from the Fast and Furious franchise

The Fast & Furious franchise is best known for car chases and races. However, it also features mind-blowing stunts — both in and out of vehicles — and incredible fight scenes. These epic clashes highlight the skill and brutality of the series’ stars.

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Everything about Fast & Furious has gotten bigger and bolder as the series progressed — from the souped-up cars to the extreme stunts and fight scenes. Now, some of the hand-to-hand combat matches the best choreographed sequences in any film. These scenes include powerhouse performers like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel and skilled fighters like Paul Walker and Jason Statham. The franchise is loaded with destructive battles F&F fans will never forget.

Updated June 1, 2023, by Anthony Jeanetta. With the recent release of Fast X, the Fast & Furious series spans an astonishing 22 years. This list is updated to include more of the franchise’s best fights.



15 Dominic Toretto Vs. Brian O’Conner (Fast & Furious)

The first trilogy in the Fast and Furious franchise featured only a few memorable fight sequences. Instead, the characters settled most of their disputes on the road. One significant fight occurs in 2009’s Fast and Furious. following Letty’s apparent death, Dom and Brian went undercover in pursuit of a drug-smuggling ring.

However, when Dom learned about Brian O’Conner’s involvement in Letty’s death, he unleashed some of his pent-up rage on O’Conner — who sat and took Dom’s blows as a form of punishment. By the movie’s end, the pair grew together.

14 Cipher Vs. Her Own Crew (Fast X)

Cipher from the Fast and the Furious franchise

In the latest installment Fast X, former enemy to the crew, Cipher gets a taste of her own medicine thanks to the newest villain, Dante Reyes. Reyes appeared woefully unprepared when he strolled into Cipher’s hideout. However, Reyes had kidnapped the children or loved ones of every one of Cipher’s troops.

Upon delivering this news, Reyes ordered the room of soldiers to attack Cipher. The skirmish’s mix of John Wick-style gun-fu and hand-to-hand combat became an electrifying sequence involving a falling elevator. This outstanding piece of action early in Fast X is a harbinger of the thrill to follow.

13 Roman And Han Vs. Jah (Fast & Furious 6)

Like any crew, members of the F&F family have their specific talents, though almost everyone has demonstrated their skills in a fistfight. For example, Roman and Han — typically precision drivers — prove their hand-to-hand combat skills in Fast & Furious 6. The pair team up to take on one of Owen Shaw’s mercenaries, Jah, played by rising action star Joe Taslim.

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Battling through the London Underground, Roman and Han impressed fans with their ability to stay alive. They had their work cut out for them, especially since Jah’s martial arts skills downed multiple agents during the same fight. While Jah escaped, the battle remains one of the standout fight scenes from Fast & Furious 6.

12 Deckard Shaw Vs. Hobbs (Furious 7)

Jason Statham joined the F&F crew in 2015’s Furious 7. Statham’s character Deckard Shaw was a former British spy turned mercenary who wanted revenge against Toretto and his family. He wanted them to pay for their involvement in his younger brother’s (Owen Shaw) near-fatal injuries sustained in the previous film.

Furious 7 pit Shaw against Agent Hobbs in a fast-paced fight scene that destroyed an entire floor of a government building. The battle ended with Hobbs recuperating in the hospital after a multi-story fall. This scene offered a quick and compelling glimpse into Deckard Shaw’s incredible fighting skills and teased fans for more action to come.

11 Dom Vs. Jakob Toretto (F9: The Fast Saga)

In 2021, F9: The Fast Saga introduced another member of the Toretto family. Dom’s long-lost brother Jakob had been exiled from the crew at a young age before becoming a highly trained secret agent. Dominic single-handedly took on a group of Jakob’s armored soldiers, but his clash with Jakob proved far more tense.

As Dom fought his brother’s soldiers, Jakob attempted to escape. What followed was an epic fight sequence that took the brothers across rooftops and through the streets of London. The brothers worked off repressed familial tension, leaving mayhem in their wake and fans on the edge of their seats.

10 Letty Ortiz Vs. Kara (Furious 7)

One hallmark of the Fast and Furious series is its strong track record of diversity and inclusion. Almost no other blockbuster franchise has as much diversity as F&F. So, it’s not surprising that some of the best fights in these movies feature some of the crew’s female members.

During Furious 7, Letty squared off with against Kara, played by former MMA star Ronda Rousey. While Rousey’s acting felt stiff, her combat performance matched any of the franchises’ best. Director James Wan used long takes to highlight the excellent choreograph, as well as Kara and Letty’s skill.

9 Deckard Shaw Vs. Cipher’s Troops (The Fate Of The Furious)

In The Fate of the Furious, Charlize Theron plays Cipher the movie’s primary antagonist. Hell-bent on separating Dom from the rest of the crew, Cipher kidnaps Dom’s baby to force him to follow her plans. Eventually, the group launches a rescue, helmed by enemy-turned-ally Deckard Shaw.

Deckard Shaw boards Cipher’s plane and makes a daring mid-air rescue. Still, once Shaw has the baby, his real work begins as fights through a group of Cipher’s troops. Using some stylish gun-fu and anything he can turn into a blunt-force object, Shaw takes down an entire group of soldiers, most of the time while carrying a baby.

8 Dom Vs. Deckard Shaw (Furious 7)

Deckard Shaw’s first strike against the F&F crew appeared to take the life of the beloved Han. This supposed killing made the fight personal for Dom when he finally squared off with Shaw in Furious 7, especially since Mr. Nobody and his government forces interrupted the pair’s initial confrontation.

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Dom and Shaw’s final showdown began the same way but evolved as they used car tools and wreckage from their vehicles as weapons in a brutal street fight. This climatic battle occurred while the parking garage collapsed around them. It’s an epic ending, and the fight’s magnitude matches its importance in the Furious 7.

7 Hobbs Vs. Hattie Shaw (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw)

There’s a common expression in professional fighting: styles make fights. In other words, combatants with significantly different fighting styles usually make for the most interesting battles. There’s no greater discrepancy in fighting styles across the F&F franchise than those of Luke Hobbs and Hattie Shaw.

When Hobbs meets Hattie Shaw in Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, he gives Owen and Deckard’s little sister two choices: the easy or the hard way. Thankfully for audiences, Hattie chooses the hard way. The subsequent fight is a stylistic clash featuring top-notch choreography that sees Hattie flip, spin, and kick her way to almost beating Hobbs.

6 Brian Vs. Kiet (Furious 7)

As a former undercover cop and FBI agent, Brian O’Conner first displayed the full range of his hand-to-hand combat skills in Fast and Furious 6‘s prison breakout. While this performance was notable, Brian significantly added his combat resume in the subsequent film, Furious 7.

Brian and Jakande’s right-hand man Kiet came to blows in several showdowns across Furious 7. These skirmishes cemented O’Conner’s place among the franchise’s best fighters. Played by martial arts icon Tony Jaa, Kiet was a formidable opponent, and Brian believably held his own. The best of these matchups occurred in the back of a large vehicle while the crew rescued soon-to-be new member Ramsey.

5 Dom & Hobbs Vs. Owen Shaw & Klaus (Fast And Furious 6)

Although they began as enemies, Hobbs called Dominic Toretto and his crew to help him track down and catch terrorist Owen Shaw in Fast and Furious 6. Behind Shaw’s planning, his driving crew carried off a series of heists to bring together components for a deadly device. Dom and Hobbs teamed up in the climactic fight scene against Shaw and his bruising sidekick, Klaus.

This melee takes place aboard a moving plane that the rest of the F&F crew tethers to the ground via harpoons attached to their vehicles. While half the crew kept the aircraft on the ground, the other half was inside, taking on Shaw and his cronies. Inside the plane, the team delivered massively powerful strikes — some of which defied the laws of physics.

4 Mia & Jakob Vs. Agency Troops (Fast X)

Jakob Toretto (John Cena) drives his car in Fast X.

During Fast X, Dom and the rest of the group search the globe, hoping to stop the new antagonist, Dante Reyes. Meanwhile, Mia remained home to watch Dom’s son, Little Brian. Unfortunately, the pair’s video game session got interrupted by Agency troops who believed Dom and the crew were behind a terrorist attack in Rome.

Mia demonstrated her hand-to-hand abilities and took down multiple agents. Then Jakob arrived to finish the job. Jakob proved his full tactical capabilities by using guns and fists to take down the Agency forces. This fight included one spectacular choke slam in which Jakob threw an enemy through a floor. This battle was a great reminder of the super-strength many F&F family members seemingly possess.

3 Luke Hobbs Vs. Dom (Fast Five)

In 2011’s Fast Five (the highest-rated film in the franchise), Brian, Dom, and Mia are on the run after a deal gone wrong. This adventure pits them against a Brazilian crime lord named Hernan Reyes and the leader of a special U.S. government task force, Luke Hobbs.

Agent Hobbs eventually locates Dom and his crew just as Reyes’ agents do, creating a chaotic battle scene. In the middle of this skirmish, Toretto and Hobbs engage in a brutal hand-to-hand fight that sees them tear through buildings. The two display multiple feats of astonishing power that tease some of the superb fight scenes to come from the F&F crew.

2 Letty Vs. Riley Hicks (Fast And Furious 6)

Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty Ortiz, stars in several epic combat scenes across the Fast & Furious series. However, Letty’s two slugfests with Gina Carano’s double-agent Riley Hicks in Fast & Furious 6 highlights some of the strongest fighting skills in the F&F franchise.

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The crew first encounters Agent Hicks when she’s working with Hobbs to capture Owen Hobbs and his team. Hicks tries to apprehend Letty in their first battle, resulting in a knock-down, drag-out fight that’s one of the best of the franchise. After Letty regains her memories and Hicks reveals her loyalty to Shaw, the two battle again aboard the plane during Fast & Furious 6‘s climax.

1 Hobbs & Shaw Vs. Brixton Lore (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw)

2019’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw brought the titular rivals together to deal with a new, superpowered threat. This threat, an enhanced super-soldier named Brixton Lore, is so powerful he refers to himself as “Black Superman.”

While F&F Presents: Hobbs and Shaw featured several dynamic fight scenes, the team up between Hobbs and Shaw to take on Brixton Lore highlights the evolution of the franchise’s fight sequences. The trio’s first duel atop a truck trailer’s bed is as superb as their showdown in the rain. Each battle is a terrific mix of top-notch cinematography, choreography, and stunt performances.

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