'60 Minutes Australia' is doing a segment on 'theybies,' children left to choose their own gender

Last year, Brooke Charter Schools in Boston took their Twitter account private after the backlash at a first-grade teacher telling kids that when a baby is born, the doctor makes a guess at its gender, but sometimes the doctor gets it wrong.

And people wonder why mean Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, prohibiting teachers in grades kindergarten through third grade from leading lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Better yet, the same story about the doctor making a guess at the newborn’s gender has made it into children’s books in the school library:

“60 Minutes Australia” has tracked down some of the parents who indulge this mental illness and wait until their child declares its own gender before calling it a boy or a girl. Last fall, we wrote about a couple who had banned the doctor from announcing the baby’s sex in the delivery room. It gets worse; in 2020, the New England Journal of Medicine came out against harmful sex designations on birth certificates and was quickly followed by the American Medical Association, which argued for the removal of sex from birth certificates. Science.

Here’s a preview of “60 Minutes Australia’s” segment:

That’s funny; they closed off replies.

“Gender creative parenting,” also known as child abuse.


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