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Jiren is one of the most powerful characters in the history of Dragon Ball. He appeared as the main antagonist of the Tournament of Power arc and stood in the way of Goku and his friends as they aimed to win the competition and ensure the survival of their universe.

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As one of Dragon Ball‘s strongest characters, Jiren is capable of besting a God of Destruction, quite possibly making him the strongest known mortal to ever exist in the multiverse. As such, there are countless individuals in the series who would be bested by Jiren in combat. However, because of the power-scaling that has occurred throughout Dragon Ball, there are still several characters that could come out on top in a potential skirmish.

Updated on December 12th, 2022 by Kennedy King: While Jiren hasn’t played a large role in Dragon Ball Super post-Tournament of Power arc, his effect on the series is still palpable. His strength introduced an unseen level of power to the adventures of the Z Fighters, demonstrating that deity-level strength is obtainable for the strongest fighters of each universe. As a result, it is only natural to continue comparing Jiren to characters both new and old as the series continues.

Characters Jiren Can Defeat

Golden Frieza Served As Support Against Jiren

Anime Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Reveal Aura

Golden Frieza is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful individuals in Universe 7. He is on par with Goku in his SSB form, and he could still fight that version of Goku to a standstill if need be. He was a major player in the Tournament of Power and Universal Survival Saga, even putting in the finishing blows on Jiren.

However, this was Jiren at the end of his rope. Goku, Vegeta, and the other warriors of Universe 7 pushed Jiren to his absolute limits, and 17 and Golden Frieza were only there to finish the job. If it were just Jiren at full power against Golden Frieza at full power, the despised emperor wouldn’t have a chance.

Goku Black Was Bested By Much Weaker Opponents Than Jiren

Goku Black Using Instant Transmission during Dragon Ball Super

Goku Black is the form that Zamasu, a Kai of Universe 10, took during the Future Trunks Saga. Zamasu wanted to destroy all mortals, as he saw their sinful ways as an aberration of reality. Ultimately, this led him into conflict with Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks after a bit of universe-hopping.

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While Goku Black was able to overpower SSB Vegeta, it was a close fight. That means Jiren would still be able to outclass Goku Black by quite a bit. Jiren took on Ultra Instinct Goku, which goes far beyond the power of SSB. In the end, Jiren would beat Goku Black quite badly. Fused Zamasu wouldn’t likely fare much better against Jiren either.

Vegeta’s Determination Couldn’t Overcome Jiren’s Might

Vegeta using his Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form in Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta is one of the main characters from Dragon Ball, and he’s one of Universe 7’s strongest Saiyans. Like Goku, Vegeta is capable of using Super Saiyan Blue to raise his powers to astronomically high levels.

Furthermore, Vegeta can even go a step beyond that with Blue Evolution, taking his powers even higher than that of Toppo, a God of Destruction candidate. However, when compared to Jiren, Vegeta is nowhere close to his level. If the two were to meet again, Vegeta would need lots of training to put up a fight.

Hit Stood Little Chance Against Jiren

Hit from Dragon Ball Super strikes a pose.

Universe 6’s famed assassin, Hit an extremely powerful character, strong enough to kill most who stand in his path. Hit’s physical abilities are incredible. However, his true strength is his ability to skip through time.

Furthermore, Hit’s progression, especially when fighting opponents who are stronger than him, is incredible. Despite that, however, Hit won’t be able to defeat Jiren in a fight. As explained by Vados during the Tournament of Power, Jiren’s powers are even beyond time, which means no matter how much Hit improves his time-skip, he is more likely to lose the fight than not.

Kefla’s Raw Power Couldn’t Best Jiren

 Kefla, the fusion of Caulifa and Kale, firing a blast in Dragon Ball Super

The fusion of Kale and Caulifla, Kefla, is an extremely powerful warrior from Universe 6. Thanks to Kale’s special Super Saiyan form, Kefla is several times stronger than an average fusion should be.

In her fight against Goku, she is able to push him to Ultra Instinct, which means that she’s quite a capable warrior. Unfortunately for Kefla, Jiren is far stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku, who beat Kefla without even being at the top of his game. For Jiren, this fight should be rather easy.

Broly’s Impressive Power Still Falls Short Of Jiren

Dragon Ball Super- Broly screaming in rage after reaching the Legendary Super Saiyan form

Broly is a Saiyan from Universe 7 who grew up on Planet Vampa after being exiled by King Vegeta long ago. Being the legendary Super Saiyan, Broly is someone whose powers are exceptionally higher than the average Saiyan’s. To put that into perspective, Broly was able to fight and overwhelm two Super Saiyan Blue-level warriors with a mere Super Saiyan transformation.

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However, when it comes to fighting someone like Gogeta, Broly struggled quite a lot, which is why it seems certain that Jiren is powerful enough to defeat him in combat. While Broly’s strength is said to be close to that of a God of Destruction, Jiren’s power far surpasses that mark, as seen during the Tournament of Power.

Gohan Inactivity Holds Him Back Against High-Power Foes

Gohan giving a smirk during the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z

Gohan is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, making him a half-blooded Saiyan. Having incredible potential, Gohan put himself forward as one of the strongest characters in the series at one point. However, due to a lack of training, Gohan has gotten weaker with time.

Although he did step up during the Tournament of Power, he is still far below the level of Jiren, which pretty much ensures that no matter what, he won’t be able to defeat Jiren anytime soon. In fact, it likely wouldn’t take Jiren more than a few minutes to deal with him.

Characters Jiren Can’t Defeat

Zeno Controls The Multiverse Itself

Zeno Smiling While Meeting With Goku in Dragon Ball SUper

Zeno is the god of all gods. He is an immeasurably powerful being with the ability to remove entire realities from existence. However, Zeno isn’t a fighter and can’t really keep up with the ebb and flow of battle.

However, in a potential fight against Jiren, Zeno wouldn’t really need to keep up with his opponent. Jiren could rage and swing at Zeno for days on end, but he couldn’t destroy Zeno. All Zeno would need to do is will Jiren out of existence, and it would happen. Even Goku isn’t really a threat to Zeno, so Jiren wouldn’t even stand a chance.

SSB Vegito Exists In A Rarified Air Of Powerful Opponents

Super Saiyan Blue Vegito — Goku and Vegeta fused with the Potara earrings — firing a Kameha blast

SSB Vegito is the next stage in power for the Potara fusion between Goku and Vegeta. It is an intensely powerful form that was able to beat back Fused Zamasu, the form that Zamasu took when he fused with his Goku Black counterpart. Vegito dominated the fight and was only unable to finish it due to the fusion suddenly wearing off.

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However, SSB Vegito could easily bring down Jiren if they practiced some time management. The Tournament of Power actually had a time constraint already, which works perfectly with the Potara fusion form. Vegito is an incalculably powerful being, and Jiren wouldn’t have a chance.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Brought Jiren To His Knees In The Tournament Of Power

Goku after achieving completed Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super

During the Tournament of Power, fans are treated to some incredible action when Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku takes on Jiren in a fight. Although Jiren appeared to be stronger initially, Goku’s ever-growing strength proved to be too much for him by the end.

While Jiren is very powerful, there is absolutely no denying that Goku can take him down in the Mastered Ultra Instinct state. Although achieving that form again has been a challenge for Goku, it’s clearly superior to Jiren’s abilities in virtually every facet.

Beerus Reigns Supreme Among Destroyers

Beerus Preparing A Ki Blast On Earth in Dragon Ball Super

Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and quite possibly the strongest known God of Destruction there is. Everything about him, from his physical abilities to his techniques like Hakai, is mind-blowing.

Unfortunately, fans have never seen Beerus at full power, which means that his real strength could surpass that of Jiren. Even if he’s physically weaker than Jiren, Beerus has Destroyer abilities, such as Hakai, up his sleeve, which basically ensures that Beerus will absolutely not lose to mortal opponents.

Whis Effortlessly Manages A God Of Destruction

Anime vegeta vs whis dragon ball super

Whis is the Angel attendant of Beerus, Universe 7’s God of Destruction. As one of the Angels, Whis is easily the strongest character in Universe 7, with strength that even surpasses that of Beerus. Although Jiren is stronger than some Gods of Destruction, that doesn’t make him anywhere close to the level of an Angel.

Whis knows Ultra Instinct as well, and it seems that his skills with this power are far greater than Goku’s. In terms of power, Whis can likely destroy anything that he wants, so for him, defeating Jiren shouldn’t be a challenge.

Vados’ Angelic Nature Puts Her On A Different Level Than Jiren

Champos and Vados standing next to one another in Dragon Ball Super

Just like Whis, Vados is one of the Angel attendants, although she serves Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6. Vados is known to have been stronger than Whis at one point, and she even helped Whis with this training, making him stronger in the process.

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Whether Vados is still stronger than Whis or not remains to be seen, However, what fans do know is that there is absolutely no way for Jiren to defeat her. Being an Angel, her power far surpasses the likes of the Gods of Destruction, and in a fight against Jiren, Vados would emerge victoriously.

Grand Priest Is Second Only To Zenos

The Grand Priest watches over his subjects in Dragon Ball Super

The Grand Priest is the father of all the Angels, and he’s also the strongest of his race. All his children are known to be powerful enough to beat the Gods of Destruction, and the fact that he is even stronger than them means that Jiren is no more than a bug to him.

Unfortunately, fans haven’t seen him fight in Dragon Ball Super yet. However, if the other Angels are any indication, then it seems certain that he will possess an incomprehensible level of strength. Hopefully, the manga will provide a glimpse of that power soon.

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