Dragon Ball Super 5 Characters Who Will Surpass Beerus (& 5 Who Never Will)

Beerus helped to bring about a new age for Dragon Ball. He was the driving force behind Battle of the Gods, the movie that officially re-launched Dragon Ball after a nearly twenty-year hiatus. It is thanks to him that fans have been able to see beloved characters and larger-than-life fights once again. Most important of all, he introduced Goku and his friends to a new universe of power.

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At the end of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and his friends proved that they were the strongest fighters in the multiverse when they won the Tournament of Power. There are little to no limits to their power, and even a God of Destruction might be just another goal for them to surpass.

Updated on November 15th, 2022 by George Voutiritsas: As the God of Destruction for Universe 7, Beerus is the strongest villain that the Z-Fighters have ever encountered, but he is now somewhat of an ally because he likes Goku and Earth’s food. Only a handful of fighters can potentially surpass Beerus in time, but there are other characters who will never be to obtain his level of power.

15/15 Will Surpass: Goku May Have Already Surpassed Beerus

Goku Using Ultra Instinct against Jiren

There is a good chance that Goku is already stronger than Beerus. Ultra Instinct grants Goku a level of power that was previously unheard of in Dragon Ball. Literally referred to as the “State of the Gods,” it would be no surprise if Ultra Instinct Goku could already beat Beerus.

As the main character, Goku eventually surpassing Beerus is all but guaranteed. After all, Goku’s journey is one of encountering and overcoming obstacles. It was demonstrated with Demon King Piccolo, then Frieza, then Kid Buu. Beerus is yet another obstacle for Goku to overcome.

14/15 Won’t Surpass: Hit Was No Match For Jiren

Hit clenching his fist During The Tournament Of Power

Hit is a legendary assassin, and he is the strongest fighter from Universe 6. In terms of fighting power, Hit is a match for Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken form, and during the Tournament of Power, he was able to fight Dyspo, a high-ranking Pride Trooper from Universe 11.

What makes Hit such an effective fighter is his speed, and his ability to skip time by a tenth of a second. This allows him to dodge and counter attacks with relative ease. Even with all that strength, Hit stood no chance against Jiren, so it is hard to believe that his abilities will ever be able to give a Destroyer like Beerus any trouble.

13/15 Will Surpass: Piccolo’s New Form Puts Him On Par With Goku

Orange Piccolo making its first appearance in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Piccolo started off as an enemy, but he and Goku have become quite close, and he is essentially Gohan’s godfather. He has received a number of power-ups over the years, some via fusion, and others through training.

In the recent movie, Piccolo asked Shenron to unlock his hidden potential, and the iconic dragon granted this wish, with a little extra. This Orange Piccolo transformation is on par with Goku and Vegeta’s godly forms. With enough training, Piccolo can keep up with Goku, which means that he can get to Beerus’ level as well.

12/15 Won’t Surpass: Tien Could Not Even Beat Imperfect Cell

Tien Fighting Members of the Freiza Force

Tien has been stuck in a rut ever since he used the Tri-Beam technique to stall Imperfect Cell. The same sort of rut most of the human characters have fallen into ever since Saiyans were introduced.

His sub-standard showing during the tournament of power further cements this. Thankfully, he does seem mostly content with his current power level and has plenty to show for it even if he isn’t anywhere near a Saiyan. Unfortunately, that also means that he won’t be anywhere near Beerus’ level either.

11/15 Will Surpass: Vegeta Will Surpass Beerus Thanks To Ultra Ego

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super activates His Super saiyan God transformation.

Vegeta has always been on the heels of Goku when it comes to power level. If Goku becomes Super Saiyan, Vegeta then does it a few episodes later. If Goku becomes a god, then the Prince of all Saiyans will do everything in his power to obtain a similar transformation.

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Unlike Goku, Vegeta is unable to use Ultra Instinct, but he unlocked Ultra Ego instead. This is a transformation used by the Gods of Destruction and only those who have been trained in the ways of Destroyers. It takes time, but Vegeta always surpasses those who were once stronger than him, and with Ultra Ego, he will eventually surpass Beerus.

10/15 Won’t Surpass: Krillin Would Rather Spend Time With His Family Instead Of Training

Krillin Using Destructo Disk

Krillin also suffers from the curse of not being a Saiyan. Just like Tien, he just seems to be stuck in a sort of rut when it comes to power levels, leaving him as a very powerful human but nowhere near the level of the Saiyan mainstays.

Furthermore, fighting is no longer that important to him. He will fight if either the world or universe are on the line, but when things are alright, Krillin prefers to focus on his wife and child more than anything else.

9/15 Will Surpass: The Gods Of Destruction Already Fear Jiren’s Power

Jiren Dragon Ball Super

Jiren took Goku to the limit during the Tournament of Power, and like Goku, he may already be more powerful than Beerus. In his current form, he is the strongest mortal in Universe 11, and he is already strong enough to be feared by several Gods of Destruction.

Furthermore, he is somehow strong enough to completely negate Hit’s time-stopping power by the virtue of his sheer muscle power. It is a level of power that puts all other Dragon Ball antagonists to shame. And given his budding rivalry with Goku, it would only make sense that he would strive for further power after his loss.

8/15 Won’t Surpass: 18 Does Not Covet More Power

Android 18 prepares for battle in Dragon Ball Super

Power is about the least important thing on 18’s laundry list of things she wants. Unlike Goku or Vegeta, she was merely given power, and that’s probably why it is of so little importance to her. She was born strong enough for most things, and she will continue to be that way from now until the end of time.

She would much rather go after other pursuits. Money, fashion, and overall luxury are on her mind when it comes to things that will make her and her family happy in the long run.

7/15 Won’t Surpass: 17 Still Cannot Fight A God Of Destruction

Android 17 wins the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Unlike his sister, 17 has been training to become stronger, and he can now be considered one of the strongest Androids in Dragon Ball. He trained for a full decade, and in doing so, he became strong enough to take on Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and he was able to counter his God Kamehameha.

17 won the Tournament of Power because he was the last fighter standing, and he was able to withstand attacks from both Topp and Jiren. Even with all of that training, though, 17 could not hurt Topp or Jiren. Even with another decade of training, it seems very unlikely that 17 will surpass someone like Beerus, who hasn’t shown his true power yet.

6/15 Will Surpass: Frieza Can Now Defeat Both Goku & Vegeta

Golden Freiza Laughing At The Z-Fighters

Frieza has proven to have quite the potential in Dragon Ball Super. Four months of training made him grow leaps and bounds above what Goku and Vegeta could achieve after years of training. It resulted in a form that dwarfs both Perfect Cell and Kid Buu in terms of power.

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Frieza’s golden form is powerful, but it cannot keep up with Ultra Instinct or Ultra Ego. However, his new form can. After training in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber for what felt like a decade, he awakened a black transformation that allowed him to beat Goku and Vegeta at the same time. With this kind of power and training, Frieza can surpass Beerus in the future.

5/15 Won’t Surpass: Future Trunks Stood No Chance Against Goku Black

Trunks may be Vegeta’s son, but his future self has shown that he is nowhere near as strong as his father. This version of Trunks had to deal with an evil Goku, and he was powerless to stop him. Even at full power, Trunks was weaker than Goku Black’s base form, which was as strong as Super Saiyan 3.

As a hybrid, Trunks theoretically has the same level of potential as Gohan, but he was unable to tap into this potential while fighting Goku Black. If he could not unlock his true power while the fate of his world was at stake, he will never be able to reach Beerus’ level.

4/15 Will Surpass: Broly Could Take On Goku & Vegeta As An Ordinary Super Saiyan

Broly Using His Rage To Power Up In Super Saiyan Form

This Broly is not the Legendary Super Saiyan from the previous films. The new Broly from the new movie is just brimming with natural potential and fighting talent. Combine that with a power level that just seems naturally off the chart, and you have one good contender for giving Beerus one hell of a fight.

In the movie, just the standard Super Saiyan power-up was enough for him to beat Golden Frieza to a pulp. Vegeta and Goku needed to fuse in order to finally take the big beast down. If he achieves any other form, his power will improve exponentially, easily putting him in the realm of a God of Destruction like Beerus.

3/15 Won’t Surpass: All Of Granolah’s Power Came From A Wish

Granolah, The Last Surviving Member Of The Cerealian race

Granolah is the sole survivor of the Cerealian race that was wiped out by the Saiyans while they worked for Freiza. He wanted revenge against Freiza, so he sought out power by any means. When he met Toronbo, a Cerealian wish-granting dragon, he wished to become the strongest fighter in the universe.

The wish was granted, and Granolah was eventually able to fight Ultra Ego Vegeta. The wish made Granolah the strongest mortal in Universe 7, but as a Destroyer, Beerus’ power is on another level. Granolah cannot wish to become stronger than a God, even if he wanted to.

2/15 Won’t Surpass: Master Roshi Is Still Human, Even If He Masters Ultra Instinct

Master Roshi battles Frieza's forces in Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

Master Roshi created the Kamehameha, and he is undoubtedly the strongest human on Earth. He was selected to fight in the Tournament of Power, which shows just how strong he is, and he did surprisingly well.

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Roshi has decades of fighting experience, and he is capable of using Ultra Instinct for a short amount of time. With it, he was able to dodge some of Jiren’s attacks. Whis has said that Roshi could potentially master this transformation. At the end of the day, however, Roshi is still human, and even with Ultra Instinct, he would never be able to hurt Beerus, let alone surpass him.

1/15 Will Surpass: Gohan’s Beast Transformation Shows His Limitless Potential

Gohan Angry During The Tournament Of Power

Gohan has plenty of things on his mind. Studying, family, and living his own life away from fighting. He does not seem to really care if he is stronger than Beerus, as long as the Destroyer is not an enemy.

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan finally decides to go all out, and in doing so, he shows that his potential is indeed limitless. He awakened a new form called Gohan Beast, and he used it to easily defeat Cell Max. Series creator Akira Toriyama stated that this version of Gohan is stronger than anyone, and it is not even the full extent of his potential strength.

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