Ashley Wadsworth

When the 19-year-old Canadian girlfriend named Ashley Wadsworth journeyed to the state of UK to meet his boyfriend, a 23-year-old British individual was found of murdering her. He received a life sentence in prison.

How did Ashley Wadsworth Die?

Jack Sepple with Ashley Wadsworth first met while he was just 15 while she was 12, and they’ve maintained sporadic touch since at. In order to go to Sepple in the UK during her gap year, Ashley acquired a 6 month of tourist visa.

Just a few days after Ashley was due to be united with her parents in Canada, Sepple confessed to murdering her at his home in Essex on February 1.

Ashley, a native of Vernon, British Columbia, passed away as a result of chest stab wounds. According to testimony at Chelmsford Crown Court, she suffered bruises on her face, throat, both hands, and legs in addition to injuries to her heart, lung, liver, & abdomen.

Jack Sepple get life Sentenced to prison:

Ashley Wadsworth was a “young woman with a lovely disposition” who was “clearly much loved by her parents,” according to Justice Murray, who condemned Sepple to life with such a minimum period of 23 years and six months. On Monday.

“It is absolutely beyond question that you murdered Ashley in a brutal and violent attack,” the lawyer ordered Sepple.

On the day of passing, Ashley reportedly used her Facebook account to call a few pals and beg for help, according to prosecution attorneys testifying in a trial.

Ashley was staying at a house in Essex when two people who knew her from their shared Mormon faith went there too and, when they were not let in, called 999.
“There was nothing she could do.”

After killing Ashley, Sepple video called his sister and displayed Ashley’s lifeless body, according to the evidence presented in court.

The court has heard that one of Sepple’s former partners called the police after hearing of Ashley’s death and characterized him as unpredictable, envious, and paranoid.

The prosecution alleged that when she told Sepple she sought to close the connection, she stated to the police that he had placed his hands over her throat. Sepple had a record of assaulting ex-partners, and two other women had obtained protective orders against him, the court was told.

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