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NewsAbortion advocate won’t make a distinction between a baby...

Abortion advocate won’t make a distinction between a baby who’s one hour old and one still in the birth canal – twitchy.com


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As Twitchy has reported, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on “abortion access and care” Wednesday, and we’re learning all sorts of things about pregnancy and childbirth and abortion. We learned that what qualifies one as fully human is being born: “That’s why we have birthdays.” Rep. Mike Johnson had a follow-up of sorts and asked Aimee Arrambide the principal distinction between a human being that’s an hour old and one that’s “8 inches further up the birth canal.” Keep in mind that Arrambide is the same abortion advocate who testified that men can get pregnant and have abortions, throwing out the idea that this is a women’s issue.

The difference is …

Or if you’re “wanted.” If the woman wants the baby, it’s a baby and she tells everyone she’s having a baby. If she doesn’t want the baby, it’s a clump of cells,

and removing it is health care.


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