Admiral Rachel Levine says vulnerable trans kids are ‘suffering politically-motivated attacks’ from the states –

Assistant Health Secretary Admiral Rachel Levine told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Monday that trans youth showed higher rates of depression and other mental illnesses, but only as a result of the harassment they face. And now states are joining in on that harassment by passing legislation like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill which is “very damaging to their health.” Some state legislatures are keeping transgender youth from participating in sports, while others are getting in the way of gender-affirming treatment like puberty blockers and hormones, and even surgery.

She’s a four-star admiral, though.

Didn’t you hear? Science says that it’s harassment that’s responsible for heightened anxiety and depression. That’s why teachers want to make their classrooms inclusive safe spaces for children as young as kindergarten.

Where is the data showing that harassment is behind these mental health issues? And is this harassment going to stop if a child undergoes gender-affirming treatment?


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