Alarming discovery of a noose causes 'shock, disgust, pain, and anguish' for physicians

Last week we did a post on hysterical anti-Republican art critic Jerry Saltz, who added as an afterthought to a tweet, “And yes, they want to bring back lynching.” We’ve done lots of posts on “nooses,” such as the one left for NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, and they always turn out to be fake. TheBlaze reports on the alarming discovery of another noose, this time outside Kaiser Permanente in Gilroy, California.

What? Look at this and tell us it’s not a hangman’s noose:

Dave Urbanski reports that Kaiser Permanente quickly released a statement saying that “this alarming discovery caused shock, disgust, pain, and anguish for our staff and physicians” and although an investigation was underway, “we are not waiting for the conclusion of these reviews to acknowledge the trauma this incident has caused.”

Police — who said they were called about the situation on the morning of Feb. 27 — told KRON in a follow-up story that an investigation revealed the rope wasn’t intended as a symbol of hate or racial animus and “there is no evidence to suggest that it was placed there with any ill intent.”

The station said surveillance video reportedly showed an individual placing the rope in the location to propel himself up a tree to cut down out-of-reach branches and leaves. Police added to KRON that the rope was inadvertently left on the tree afterward.

It is like the Wallace incident, in which 15 or so FBI agents checked surveillance video and found that the “noose” had been in place months before Wallace was even assigned the stall.


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