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NewsAll Rise Season 3, Episode 5 Recap & Spoilers

All Rise Season 3, Episode 5 Recap & Spoilers


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The following contains spoilers for All Rise Season 3, Episode 5, “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over,” which aired Tuesday, July 5 on OWN.

Picking up where the previous episode ended, All Rise is set to give viewers answers to some persistent questions. Will Luke Watkins win his first murder trial — but more importantly, will he come back to himself by the end of it? Will Sherri Kansky come back to working for Judge Lola Carmichael after Lola’s apology? Will Mark Callan have enough time during his fight with Luke to finally pick the next Head Deputy District Attorney, and why won’t it be him? The tumultous start to Season 3 has left both characters and fans watching the plates spin, and “It’s Not Over Till It’s Over” sees them start to crash to the ground.

Lola hauls Luke and Mark into her chambers, where Mark asks for time to re-test Carl Brewer’s DNA and analyze the results, which Luke calls potential “interference by the court to help the prosecution.” Lola lets that remark slide, but only gives Mark two days to do a whole lot of testing. All Rise briefly reminds viewers that the victim’s son Darius is still here before seguing to talking about Emily Lopez getting a last-minute case. Gloria is the typical smart-mouthed teenager, charged with grand theft and burglary, who posted said burglary on Facebook Live. Just when you thought Season 3 couldn’t get any weirder.

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Mark calls for help from his old friend Tony Carver before pulling an all-nighter trying to salvage his case. Amy Quinn arrives with dinner and the idea that Carl wasn’t the only person who received bone marrow from the same donor. After the lightbulb goes on over Mark’s head, Emily shows up the next morning to ask him to teach her everything he knows about juvenile court cases. He’s a little busy, since five different people are claiming they know who Carl’s donor is. When Mark asks for a continuance to sort through the claims, Luke gets irate again, so the prosecution only gets another 24 hours. At least Luke subsequently calls Mark “one of the best D.A.’s in L.A. County” to Carl, who still can’t provide an alibi.

Emily continues to try to get through to Gloria; All Rise reveals that the teen has a Difficult Backstory with dead parents and a sister to worry about. Emily’s day gets worse as she loses the new apartment she was so excited about, leading her to vent to Luke, who repeats his idea that Lola is acting like a “fairy godmother” to Mark. There’s a clear theme here of the two of them standing up for people who don’t believe in themselves — but it’s pushing them pretty hard. Meanwhile, Lola has lunch with Rachel Audubon (who started the season in D.C.) and her boyfriend Andre, who happens to be Lola’s ex.

An investigator tells Mark and Carver that he’s found the donor, and that the donor and Carl do share one DNA marker. Furthermore, he lived in Carl’s neighborhood and frequented the bar where the murder victim worked. Oh, and he also died two months ago. Carver gives up hope of a conviction, but Mark wonders about Carl’s sister and then gets a visit from a woman who claims Carl tried to kill her 16 years ago. Her harrowing story is similar to his victim’s. Mark presents this evidence to Lola, who approves a hearing to determine whether the woman can testify at trial.

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Emily interviews Gloria’s sister, who says that Gloria committed the burglary because her social media account is monetized, therefore she made enough money to support her sister’s skating career. The young woman sees someone pass by in the hall that makes her nervous before Emily ushers her into the courtroom. Her sister’s testimony convinces the judge to give Gloria six months’ probation, and Emily gets a compliment from the prosecutor as well as Gloria’s vote of confidence. Elsewhere, Lola admits to Rachel that she’s not okay with Rachel dating Andre, but they get interrupted before she can answer Rachel’s question about if she still has feelings for him.

That leaves only Carl’s murder trial. Luke persistently cross-examines Carl’s alleged other victim, pointing out that she claimed he owned a blue Chevrolet car but there’s never been one registered in his name. All Rise then mentions in passing that the testimony was denied but that only works Mark up further. He’s gone back into cold cases and found several other similar murders; he’s worried Carl Brewer might be a serial killer. Yet having already asked for two continuances, the only way he’s going to have enough time to find out is if he manages to get Carl convicted on this case — and he doesn’t.

Luke offers his condolences to Brenda’s son and exchanges awkward compliments with Mark, who doesn’t want to hear it. That night, while still not choosing a new Head DDA, he meets with Lola and an even more awkward talk about how murder cases involving women of color get less attention is cut short so Mark can laughingly call out Lola’s unresolved feelings for her ex. Thankfully, Luke is paying attention when Carl thanks him for setting him free — because Carl uses the exact same quote Luke previously saw on Darius’s memorial photo of his mother.

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“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” corrects some of the issues that “Troubled Man” brought up; it’s more understandable now why All Rise vaulted Luke to taking on a murder trial, because the show was trying to set up what’s obviously going to be an ongoing storyline. Luke still comes off roughly for most of the episode, but he’s about to have his decision to become a public defender challenged in a huge way and that may be great growth for him. Meanwhile, Lola and Sherri seem to be okay now, and having Rachel back helps tie up her character. But there are other questions still unresolved, and the show is already a quarter of the way through Season 3.

A fair amount of time was spent on Mark choosing a Head DDA and that now seems like an afterthought (although Relentless Mark is the best Mark). It’s possible that the show is pulling that thread out because this case will lead him to taking the job himself, which is fine, but it’s a long time to leave that card in play. His conversations with Lola have turned into All Rise pointing out the issue of the week and they could offer a lot more to the show; it’s particularly jarring to have a serious subject followed by jokes about Lola’s love life. And that feels like the writers trying to create romantic drama on a series that’s never needed it. Just because Robin was recast this season doesn’t mean his and Lola’s relationship needs to be changed, too.

If there’s something to look forward to, it’s that the implied serial killer story should mean Mark and Luke teaming up again, because the characters do make a good duo while Wilson Bethel and J. Alex Brinson play so well off one another. How they’re going to work together without officially working together, and how Luke will process this turn of events, is great material. It might be just the thing All Rise Season 3 needs to kick into high gear and get back to making memorable statements.

New episodes of All Rise air Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on OWN.

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