Alyssa Milano DRAGGED for sharing hateful Joy Reid TikTok trashing Republicans for being ‘mean’ –

It’s not every day that one of the vapidest people in Hollywood shares a TikTok from one of the most racist, craziest pundits in the media. We’re pretty sure Alyssa Milano opened up some sort of space-time continuum of CRAY-CRAY when she shared this quite frankly MEAN AF TikTok from Joy Reid.

The ironic part is she’s telling Republicans THEY’RE the mean ones.

And yeah, ding-a-ling shared it.

Note: We wouldn’t have even seen this from Alyssa since she blocked us a long time ago BUT we were searching for harpies losing their minds over Trump’s Twitter account being reinstated and came across this. So, thanks, Alyssa!


We’d ask what the Hell is wrong with Joy Reid BUT we’re pretty sure we don’t want to know.

Also, it’s pretty damn funny that Twitter sees her hate-filled video as ‘potentially sensitive content’.

That’s all they know how to do.

But you know, we’re the mean ones.

Excellent question.

We have never seen anyone more joyless than Joy Reid.

Except for maybe Alyssa Milano.



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