AMA endorses pandemic school closures to mitigate spread by 'great little vectors,' aka young kids

Much of the public’s trust in the CDC has eroded over the past couple of years, and that’s pretty fair given how they’ve handled the COVID pandemic. Or, rather, how they’ve mishandled it.

But we’d like to think that the American Medical Association would have their act together. After all, these are a bunch of doctors we’re talking about. Not a bunch of bureaucrats. Surely they’d have a firmer grip on real life and common sense.

Or maybe not:

Who or what broke the AMA? Because clearly someone or something broke them. Maybe it was COVID.

Only someone broken could come up with something like this:

Damn those great little vectors wanting to hug people. We should definitely shut schools down again at the first sign of another pandemic, regardless of what the science actually is.

A source of misinformation … and veiled threats?

This is all kinds of messed up.

Sad to see the AMA contradicting science and medical data in order to push a harmful agenda. And being willing to harm even more children in the process.

“Great little vectors.”

The pool of trustworthy people and organizations seems to be shrinking more and more rapidly every day.


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