Andrea Mitchell, sans proof, declares Paul Pelosi attack ‘part of the January 6 insurrection toxicity’ –

We’re gradually learning more about the recent attack on Paul Pelosi at his and Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home, but at least so far, the attacker’s motive isn’t clear, at least not as far as the public is concerned.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the usual left-wing contingent from assigning blame for the attack on the “far Right” and Republicans.

And, with Andrea Mitchell’s entry into the discourse, January 6:

Thank you for that astute analysis, Andrea. You absolute tool.

That’s also what anyone looking for Nancy Pelosi would be shouting.

January 6 was horrible and there’s no justification for it, but it’s also really difficult to find a justification for the way the media have invoked January 6 at every single opportunity, even when there’s absolutely no reason to do so. Where is the evidence to suggest that the attack on Nancy Pelosi was perpetrated by a January 6 riot supporter or apologist? If such evidence exists, Andrea Mitchell certainly doesn’t have it.

They pull this BS every single time. You can set your watch by it.


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