Angry 'Biden Is Waging War on People in the Country'

Greg Gutfeld told his co-hosts Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five” that President Joe Biden was “waging war on people” in America by calling MAGA Republicans semi-fascist.

Co-host Jeanine Pirro asked, “One of the things Biden is talking about is you want to fight against the government. You need F-15s. You need something more than a gun.”

Gutfeld said, “With that logic, why are we giving arms or her money to Ukraine? Isn’t that useless if you’re against a superior army? His logic, we should give up all of our rights, all of our protections because there is no match for government forces. Right? It’s a sick boast. It’s not semi-fascist. It’s full-on fascist. Who knew Joe would become a wartime president, but he is waging war on people in the country.”

He continued, “We thought he’s just a nice guy, and then we forget this is the guy that said Mitt Romney would put black people in chains. Remember that?

Gutfeld added, “I think what we’re suffering from is old man syndrome. It’s when you ascribe certain gentleness to people as they age. I noticed as my hair has gone grey, babies like me, they think I’m harmless.”

He concluded, “Joe hasn’t gotten nicer. He’s gotten angrier.”

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