“Anti-homeless architecture” popping up in cities that refuse to enforce laws that prohibit park bench sleeping and property destruction, the nerve!

In big blue cities everywhere the increased presence of homeless camps, visible drug use, and the destruction of property has been on the rise. Cities are not enforcing existing laws that prohibit these behaviors. There are occasional sweeps and clean ups,  tickets to other cities, but nothing that deters the increasingly visible issues associated with a growing transient population.  When garbage, theft, and disturbing interactions impact daily lives, properties, and local businesses, citizens begin finding ways to protect themselves and their things. Evidently some people don’t think it’s very nice to protect your personal interests in any way – if you are a participating, contributing, member of society. They are onto the sneaky practice of… “anti-homeless” architecture.

Efforts to exclude people from public spaces include spikes, barriers, and anything a person wouldn’t want to sleep upon or loiter around, no matter their state of mind. This practice can also be called “hostile design.”

Little did you know armrests on park benches can ruin a good night’s sleep for the common transient.

Spikes are especially effective for deterring selective sleepers.

In Seattle, business owners have been known to throw out eco blocks to prevent long-term RV parking in front of their establishments.

The city and some of its citizens are keen on enforcing the removal of the illegal barricades, but seem powerless to address the laws being broken by homeless encampments and extended RV parking. Don’t get caught up trying to wrap your head around the logic… something about how businesses have a choice to not defend their business or their property but the people parking and loitering illegally do not have any choices about their behavior.

There are a number of legal measures that can be taken as well, even opera can be weaponized in the right circumstance.

The moral of the story is that when citizens and businesses get fed up with not having their interests or their rights protected, they are capable of creatively taking a stand. If the response was as cruel as the bleeding hearts would have you believe, we wouldn’t be discussing clever architecture and subtle deterrents.


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