AP Stylebook reminds reporters not to refer to Buffalo mass shooter’s manifesto as a ‘manifesto’ – twitchy.com

We were just reminded by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of the names given to the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre last year. The Washington Post referred to the “Waukesha tragedy caused by an SUV.” The Boston Globe referred to it as a “parade crash.” And the Associated Press, in a puff piece about first lady Dr. Jill Biden fulfilling her role as a “healer,” mentioned her visit to the site of “a deadly Christmas parade crash.” Never mind that the driver of the SUV, Darrell Brooks, was charged with dozens and dozens of felony charges, including first-degree intentional homicide.

The day after a mass shooting in Buffalo, the Associated Press is reminding its writers not to refer to the suspect’s manifesto as a manifesto — instead, call it a screed, diatribe, or just “writings.”

So because it glorified racist hatred, it’s not a manifesto? Are we sure about that?

Agreed, but Google Docs pulled it down before anyone could see that the shooter never mentioned Tucker Carlson and was upset that Fox News was run by Jews.

It was a manifesto.


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