Are You Pooping is a TikTok trend that is being very viral nowadays. Here is everything you need to know about this trend.

Are you pooping, Don’t get caught pooping TikTok trend is taking over.

The new viral TikTok trend is where people mess with other people who poop in the public bathrooms.

Are You Pooping Tiktok Trend Meaning Explained

Are you pooping has taken over the whole internet, especially in the Tiktok.

People have been sneaking on their friends or colleagues while busy pooping and making a TikTok video.


Are you pooping? ##fyp

♬ original sound – Jacksen

It is a crazy and embarrassing TikTok trend that people have been following for more than a month.

Even at school, classmates are sneaking on each other and making TikTok while they are taking a shit and making it trend by Are you pooping, Don’t get caught pooping at school.

People are following this trend just because it is popular right now. But many people think that it should be stopped and hope that it dies out soon so that people can shit in peace.

Prior to this, a trend called The Devious Lick was famous, showing what things they had stolen from the school. 

The bathroom of schools is locked up as students were stealing things, and now that you are pooping is on-trend, people are complaining about how they cannot use the bathroom in peace.

People unaware of this TikTok trend are furious when they get caught in it by others. 

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Are You Pooping Tiktok Trend Reaction and Challenge

Many YouTubers are making reaction videos regarding Are You Pooping TikTok trend.

Are You Pooping TikTok trend is breaking the TikTok and involves especially teenagers and adult people.

As the world faces a global health crisis and people have to isolate themselves due to COVID-19, the Tiktok trend and challenges are becoming a way to pass the time during the lockdown.

The trend involves people taking videos of people, whether they are related, and asking if they are pooping.

The reaction to the trend is not favorable. Many of the people are complaining and saying that this is the ridiculous Tiktok trend ever.

People should not follow this type of trend and should not encourage others too to follow the trend.

Not all popular things are good, so people should think before jumping onto the weird TikTok trends.


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