Atty. for 6-months-pregnant nurse Lefties branded 'Karen' calls down the THUNDER (wants names)

And here … we … go.

As Twitchy readers know, Lefty Twitter did what they do best and created a complete and total lie about an innocent woman named Sarah Comrie claiming she tried stealing a bike from a bunch of young Black men. They went on to brand her a ‘Karen,’ called her a racist, made fun of her ‘white woman tears,’ and accused her of trying to get young Black men killed.

Which of course, was all BS. Seriously, what sort of moron would believe that story?

Oops, we answered our own question.

A bunch of Lefties … that’s who.

Welp, Comrie’s attorney has joined Twitter and is asking people to send him defamatory statements and videos of these a-holes calling her Karen, a racist, and a thief. Take a look:

Ruh-roh, we can think of several people who will be cleaning their timelines.

Of course, as we all know, tweets are forever.

Enter Andy Ngô with some receipts:


Because he’s an A-HOLE.

Awww yes, we wrote about ‘Monique’.

Really horrible.

But wait, there’s more!

This guy though … sounds like he’s the original doxxer:

Yeah, it was pretty gross.

Wonder if he’s cleaning timelines yet?


Just. Wow.



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