Avada Kedavra! J.K. Rowling just needs 1 PERFECT tweet to drop hater claiming she’s ‘lost a whole audience’ by refusing to bend the knee

Yup, J.K. Rowling is uncancellable. Atta girl.

Oh, and look at us being all super geeked out using a Harry Potter spell in our headline. Fine, this editor had to look it up but STILL, the thought was there.


Man, SJWs and the Wokeistas just can’t deal with the fact that Rowling refuses to bend the knee and do, think, speak, and write as she’s told. We’ve really enjoyed watching her destroy the haters over the past few years and this tweet is no exception.



And snap.

We imagine it’s not hard for her to let all of this hater nonsense go.

People came out to tell her how much they love her as well, and that didn’t hurt.


Oh, and if you want an example of people trying to drag her for this tweet:

Not the brightest crayons in the box.

And no amount of temper-tantruming on social media will ever change that.

Be like Rowling, be uncancellable.



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