Ayanna Pressley claims that Jordan Neely was 'lynched' on a NYC subway

Democrats and media appear determined to make the sad case of Jordan Neely into a George Floyd moment. As Twitchy readers know, WaPo highlighted the race of those involved in the incident, and AOC has already declared the death a ‘murder’, without knowing the full facts or evidence. Not to be outdone, Ayanna Pressley has now described Neely’s death as a lynching.

We know you’re shocked that Squad clod, Ayanna Pressley, would join in the effort to pronounce guilt without evidence and inject a race narrative.

Pressley completed her sleight of hand by accompanying her tweet with an 11-year-old video showing a much younger, healthier Neely – likely very different from the troubled man passengers encountered on the F Train on May 1st.

Reporting on the life of Jordan Neely describes a sad life. Estranged from his father, a murdered mother, homeless, and in frequent trouble with the police. He needed help that he wasn’t getting from the people who run NYC.

What of these claims of ‘murder’ and being ‘lynched’?

They’re completely baseless given current evidence and reporting.

The picture Pressley and others are trying to paint is one of a young black man performing a (very good) Michael Jackson impersonation on the subway, just before a white man decides to snuff his life out. You don’t used the word ‘lynched’ unless you’re trying to race bait.

The former Marine being accused of murdering Neely is white. Neely was a black man … as was one of the other passengers physically helping to restrain Jordan Neely.

The racial narrative the Left so desperately wants to push into this incident doesn’t stand up to basic scrutiny.

We’re sure Reverend Al is proud.

There has also been no evidence reported to date that any of those involved in restraining Neely intended to kill him, or even inflict great physical injury, rather than restrain him. That should make a murder charge unlikely. The question would then become one of manslaughter.

This guy gets it. He knows exactly what Ayanna Pressley and her squad members are trying to do.

If a man entered a subway train where passengers had little option to flee, was throwing garbage at passengers, acting aggressively, and saying ‘I don’t mind going to jail and getting life in prison. I’m ready to die. I’ll hurt anyone on this train.’, would that be reasonable grounds for the passengers to believe they were in physical danger and justify trying to restrain a person?

The answer to that question certainly could be ‘yes’.

That’s for the DA and, possibly, a jury to decide, but all of these things were alleged to have happened on the F Train on Monday, according to media and police reports.

There’s no reason to doubt Jordan Neely was dealing with a mental health crisis, and likely has been for a long time.

While this is certainly unfortunate, it doesn’t obligate people who feel threatened to behave differently.

‘I was assaulted outside the 7/11. A broken jaw, five cracked ribs, and three stab wounds.’

‘Did you fight back?’

‘No, I would have, but it was clear my attacker was having a mental health crisis.’

Ayanna Pressley claiming Neely was ‘lynched’ because he was having a mental health crisis is just throwing gasoline on the fire. Barring evidence to the contrary, the physical response to Neely was likely because passengers felt threatened.

They have, and they’re not going to let facts or evidence get in their way.

What is undeniably clear to any honest observer is that there is no evidence that this was racially motivated or that Neely was ‘lynched’.

Possibly that infamous Republican congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Oops! She’s a Democrat whose district is near where Jordan Neely’s death took place.

What will AOC and her fellow squad members do about it? They’ll try to incite racial tensions and fundraise off the death.

They’ll do nothing to fix the problems that put Jordan Neely and random subway passengers in this tragic position.

Others were quick to point out that the accountability Pressley is calling for should come from Democrats.

They are the ones who pushed the defunding of police departments.


Allow police to do their jobs, deal with known repeat offenders, and enforce the laws.

These are things citizens should be able to expect from their government.

Yep, that’s where we’re at. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t elect people who will deal with crime.

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