Batman standing ready with his son Damian Wayne as Robin

A Brave and the Bold series was recently announced by James Gunn and is expected to finally introduce Batman’s son, Damian Wayne to the DCU.

Damian Wayne is officially going to have a live-action counterpart. James Gunn’s DC slate revealed a Batman movie called The Brave and the Bold. The title alone reveals a lot about what kind of story this will be. The Brave and the Bold moniker is traditionally used for Batman team-up comics. Starring Damian as Robin in this upcoming project tells fans that this may feature an older Batman, likely in his prime.

A more experienced Batman comes with a huge rogues’ gallery. We’ve seen Batman’s origin and early days too many times on the big screen. For example, the critically acclaimed Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson film. This will help distinguish The Brave and the Bold from all live-action Batman films.

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Damian Wayne is More Than Batman’s Fifth Robin

Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, making him the grandson of the Demon’s Head. He was raised by his mother to be an assassin. However, Damian was always curious about his father but was told he couldn’t meet him until he proved himself to be a rightful heir. On his tenth birthday, he proved this by defeating his mother in combat.

Bruce never knew he had a son when Talia thrust Damian into his life. They arguably have a more interesting dynamic than the other Batman and Robin teams. The other Robins taught Batman how to be a general and were his soldiers. Damian, on the other hand, taught Bruce how to be a father and opened the door to what would come to be known as the Bat-family.

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Damian Will Be a Breath of Fresh Air For the DCU

An image of the cover for Batman Vs. Robin by DC Comics, featuring Robin about to battle Batman

Most Robins embody a single aspect of Bruce Wayne. He is a different kind of Robin, forcing Batman to evolve as not only his mentor but his father as well. Damian is very much his father’s son, yet they have conflicting ideologies. Damian was raised to strike down all rivalry with lethal force, which is in direct contradiction to Batman’s stern no kill rule. He is a fierce physical combatant who despite his age and size, can stalemate the best crime fighters. He isn’t afraid to stand up for himself and challenge his father. These attributes will give moviegoers a version of Robin they haven’t seen before.

Damian Wayne is an angsty, entitled, yet lovable brat. However, he’s one of DC’s top combatants and crime fighters. He is defined by not only feeling like he is the rightful heir to cowl but also through his struggle to accept the legacy of Robin. Damian has a rich history that has shaken up DC’s continuity and his appearance on the big screen is long overdue.

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