BATTLE OF THE TEDS: Ted Cruz explains why the 'Biden did not indict Trump' response is LAME

The Trump indictment has taken over most of Twitter and Ted Cruz was ready to FIGHT. He jumped on a Ted Lieu tweet ready to rumble, and it was fun to watch.  So here we go, into ‘THE BATTLE OF THE TEDS’!

FIRST PUNCH: Ted Lieu. In case you are not familiar with Ted Lieu he is an attorney and a member of the House of Representatives.

So as far as Leftist talking points go, this one is not the worst we have seen. He did say to give Trump the presumption of innocence which is more than A LOT of Leftists are doing, but the part none of them seem to get is that most people do not care that Trump was indicted, they care that Trump was but others were not. ‘The others’ are people who identify as Democrats like Biden and Hillary.

Cruz fought in a way only Ted Cruz can do.

Obviously, Ted Cruz is the one we are rooting for in this battle. We know a lot of people are not his biggest fan, but he is smart and often on point. The ‘Biden did not indict Trump a grand jury did’ talking point is VERY popular with the Left and our Ted hit their Ted right in the face with his comeback.

Cruz made his point concise and easy to understand and we loved it!

There were many who were all in and supporting Lieu in the battle and we will showcase a few of them below.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … did they send out a memo to everyone who ever voted for a Democrat and order them to say this or what?

We know she was trying to support Lieue and the Left here, but honestly, we think that backfired. Hillary probably is laughing but that was part of the problem with the indictment. Hillary should be indicted as well.

Moving on to the Ted Cruz supporters in the crowd.

We love that term. Obtuse, it is like calling people stupid without saying they are stupid. 🙂

That tweet was highbrow but we liked that it was not playing to the lowest common denominator, particularly when supporting Ted Cruz. Intelligence is key.

YESS!!! In an epic battle of wits, we think our Ted won the battle. Let us know who you think won!


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