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NewsBIDEN’S AMERICA: Massachusetts Towns Are Offering Snowplow Drivers Up...

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Massachusetts Towns Are Offering Snowplow Drivers Up To $310 Per Hour


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In Massachusetts, towns are offering to pay snowplow drivers as much as $310 an hour as winter approaches and they’re in desperate need of more drivers. A national driver shortage that is wreaking havoc on our economy is just one of the chaotic features of Biden’s America.

One of the largest contributing factors to the current supply chain disaster in the US is a major truck driver shortage. Currently, the US is at a record-high deficit of 80,000 drivers, which is drastically impacting the country’s supply chain by affecting delivery time, product supply, and pricing.

Now, with winter approaching fast, Massachusetts towns are beginning to worry about the impending road conditions and how they could disrupt their school systems. Last year, the state had major issues with not getting roads cleared, and, now that the labor shortage is even worse, they want to ensure they take proactive measures as much as possible so the children of the communities can still get to school.

Cleared roads are essential not only for people to get to school and work but also for public safety purposes. The roads need to be cleared so emergency vehicles can get around, which will become a major safety concern if Massachusetts doesn’t get more drivers to join the workforce.

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Different towns throughout Massachusetts are paying different rates depending on the company and its requirements, but they are consistently raising the salary of their employees to incentivize new workers to join.

Jim Stanford, the Director of Public Works in North Andover, MA, said this year’s hiring difficulties are the worst he has seen in 30 years. Michigan’s administrator of Transportation Systems Management Operations, Mark Geib, second-voiced Stanford’s concern for his own state, confirming that these shortages are a concern in other states as well.

Michigan towns are also desperately searching for more plow and salt truck drivers before the snow starts for the long winter season.

Source: 100percentfedup

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