Saturday, July 24, 2021

Biden’s brain turns to mush… Can’t keep his thoughts straight during CNN Townhall…

Must Read

“I’m not being solicitous, but, but I’m a career pimp, who said that? The question is how, uhhh, did I win? I’m a perp!”

(Whispers) “I’ve sold my government office influence for years through my crack addict bum son. The smartest man I know.
He understands me when I babble on like this cause he’s hears my babble crap through his mind’s crack induced purple haze.”

“Excuse me black fella, what are you doing on my stage, are you the new face of our Fascist Devious Agenda?”

“I’m uhhh, excuse me, the “big guy”. I’m running for the House of Representatives!”

“I think I’m in trouble again with my people.”

“Where’s uhhhh my fellow babbler/ cackler, Kamala. Excuse me but did I whack her or what? I forget everything, but not her demeaning me at the debate. I made her my cackling Queen of Disasters. The root of the problem is….me, uhh no, her, let me be clear, Schumer & Pelosi.”

“C’mon man!”



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